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Candy Apple Velvet*

Product no.: 15

(Schindler-Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 35” EM Re Ex Ev 5.5”. Primary red with lighter watermark halo and small yellow to green throat.


Claudette Colbert*

Product no.: 16
(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 5.5” Tropical orange; rose coral orange watermark halo; pure yellow to green throat. Petals edged in coral rose ruffles.

Joyce Underwood*

Product no.: 19

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 28” EM Re Ex Sev 5”. Medium red with watermark halo, yellow to green throat. Edged in wire gold. Scapes are recurrent


Jeanne Rowles*

Product no.: 20

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 6.5” - 7”. Gorgeous, pastel pink petaloid double, with cloverleaf yellow eye; green throat and bright gold edges. The scapes are recurrent, displaying the blooms to perfection.

Individual Price $150.00

Judi Romano*

Product no.: 21

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 25” E Re Ex VFr Ev 6.75”-7” Fragrant, fabulous, double yellow self with medium carrot rose eyezone; fancy orange and gold edging; yellow to green throat. Recurrent scapes 4-way branching, 30 or more buds. Absolutely fabulous!

Individual Price $85.00

Barbara Mandrell*

Product no.: 66

(Kirchhoff 2009) Tet 30" EM, Re Ev 6.25". Purest red with watermark halo and bright gold edge above lime green throat The recurrent scapes have four way branching and 25 or more buds.



Product no.: 31

(Morss 2012) Tet 27” L Re Ex Ev6” The name, ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ evokes this flower’s many superlatives. A handsome “leading man type daylily”, its color is a cedar-tan blend, displaying a large triangular, blue-lavender, web-patterned eyezone.


Farmville Party Time*

Product no.: 37
(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 28” ML Re Ex Ev 6.5”. Bright medium yellow; petaloid double; cloverleaf coral rose halo and wash; yellow to green throat. Sturdy, recurring scapes with up to 6 way branching can support 35 or more buds.

Truffles Milanese*

Product no.: 313
(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 30" ML Re Ex Ev 5.5". Rave reviews for this bright, apricot, melon peach double. Consistent double form and combines both hose-in-hose and petaloid styles.

Farmville Gold*

Product no.: 320
(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 29” M Re Ex Ev 5.75. Pure, golden saturation of burning intensity mark this beacon of beauty from one end of the valley to the other! It is a deepest gold self with an avocado green throat. The texture of the full formed flower is silky smooth. Scapes are recurrent with 21 buds.

Farmville Stained Glass*

Product no.: 38

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 22” EM Re Ex Ev 5.5”. Floriferous, blood to rose red with blue red highlights; lighter watermark halo; tiny piecrust yellow ruffles; yellow to green throat. The recurrent scapes are phenomenally well branched with up to six way branching and up to 40 buds.