Introductions Pre 2010

Introductions Pre 2010

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Age Of Aquarius*

Product no.: 156

(Moldovan, 2001)28" M Re Dor Tetraploid 40 buds, 6 branches Lavender pink edged cream with lighter watermark, above light yellow to green throat.


Lemon Madeline*

Product no.: 100

Lemon Madeline*  8" Lemon blooms with emerald green throats. Repeating scapes; 7 branches; up to 50 buds


Amethyst Veil*

Product no.: 42
(Morss, 2007) 30" 5.75" M, Ev Tetraploid, 28 buds, 4 branches Lavender orchid with dark amethyst stippling and dark amethyst halo with purple and white gold edge.

After Midnight*

Product no.: 45
(Morss 2001) 28" E Re Ex Ev 5". The color is somewhere between eggplant, deepest red, and black! The throat is small, cloverleaf patterned, and chartreuse. . The scapes are strongly recurrent with 3 way branching and 14 - 18 buds.

Limehouse Blues*

Product no.: 104

(Morss 2007) 38” EM Re Ex Ev 6 ½” Coral orchid with web patterned violet blue lavender eye outlined orchid above yellow to green throat.


Sanford Double Doozie

Product no.: 128
(Kirchhoff 2002) 32" EE RE EX FR EV - 5 ½". Coral orchid with bold wine purple eye above yellow to green throat. The recurrent scapes carry up to 4-5 way branching and 35 - 45 buds.


Product no.: 106

(Morss 2003) 32" E RE EV 6 ½" Buttercup yellow with quadruple eye pattern of blue lavender to blue orchid to lavender pewter outlined red violet above yellow to green throat.


Marilyn Morss Johnson*

Product no.: 109

(Morss 2007) 30” EM Re Sev 7". Medium orchid with layered blue lavender violet purple patterned eye and edge outlined pewter to white. The scapes are strongly recurrent with 25 buds and 3-way branching.


Beyond The Sky*

Product no.: 52
(Morss 2008) 28” – 32” EM Re Ev 7” Pristine lavender color. The petals are long and widespread, with edges gilded in platinum and gold. The recurrent scapes have 3 –way branching and 18-21 buds.

Margaret Tucker*

Product no.: 107

(Kirchhoff 2000) 32" ML Re Ex VFR Ev 6 ½ - 7". Flaming mango tangerine peach blend above green throat.


Big Dipper*

Product no.: 53

(Morss 2003) 35" E Re Ex Ev 7" Papaya cream with a washed slate lavender eye, webbed and outlined in raspberry. The throat is chartreuse into a large, strong green heart. 3 way branching and 18-23 buds.


Black Lapis*

Product no.: 54
(Morss 2005) 28" EE Re Ex Sev 5 3/4". The color is a sensational black wine self with hints of midnight blue and flashes of wine purple, above a lime green triangular throat. Sunfast. The scapes have widely spaced 3 - 5 way branching.


Product no.: 103
(Kirchhoff 2003) 28" M RE EX SEV 7" Yellow tinged chartreuse self above green throat.

Blues Avenue*

Product no.: 55

(Morss 2005) 30" EE Re Ex Ev 5". Folks stop to admire the pastel orchid flowers with patterned eyezones of lavender (towards blue) outlined in shades of violet and purple. The petals edges are outlined in violet and gold. . Well branched, strongly recurrent scapes. Fertile both ways.


Moroccan Madness*

Product no.: 112
(Morss 2005) 36” E Re Ex Ev 7.5”. Cream yellow with violet plum eye above yellow to green throat. Strongly recurrent, extraordinary performing, with 5 way branching.

Betty Ford*

Product no.: 49
(Kirchhoff 2002) Tet 30" EE RE Ex SEV - 5 1/2". Blooms are unique shades of shimmering garnet to cardinal red with a blue red pile. The color intensifies above a clear apricot red, watermark halo and yellow to citron green throat. 3 - 5 way branching and 24 - 26 buds.

Linda Lubitz*

Product no.: 105
(Kirchhoff 2007) 32” E Re Ex Ev 7”. Peach pink with gold edge and fuchsia rose outline above gold edge.

Butterflies Are Free*

Product no.: 59

(Morss 2008) 30” E Re Ex Fr Ev 7”. The base color is greyed orchid lavender. The eyezone is a web patterned, lavender blue color, clearly outlined in violet, repeated boldly on petals and sepals. Inside the eye, the web color is blue violet, and it is red violet outside the eye.


Night Fever*

Product no.: 116

(Morss 2009) 27” ML Re Ex Ev. 4 7/8”. Wine purple deepening to sooty ebony ink halo shaded wine red above green throat.


Norma Desmond*

Product no.: 117
(Kirchhoff 2005) 30" M Re Ex Ev. Lavender orchid cream bitone with white gold tooth edge above yellow to chartreuse throat. Scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent.

Pacific Mystic*

Product no.: 118
(Morss 2005) 32" EE Re Ex Ev 7". Lavender amethyst with pewter lavender halo and edge outlined in white gold above yellow to green throat. The scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent.

Chromatic Butterfly*

Product no.: 61

(Morss 2003) 30" EE RE EX SEV 6" The color is alabaster ivory with a triple eye pattern in shades of pewter, blue lavender and violet. The recurrent scapes have three way branching and 25-27 buds.


Passion Fruit Truffle*

Product no.: 119
(Kirchhoff 2003) 28" M Re Ex VFr Ev 6" Medium persimmon orange coral blend above yellow to lime green throat. Strongly recurrent scapes, 3 way branching 18 - 21 buds.

Patsy Bouvion*

Product no.: 120
(Morss 2005) 29" EM Re Ex Sev 6". Pastel coral with fuchsia eye and edge outlined coral gold above yellow to green throat. The scapes are well branched, and strongly recurrent.

Clark Gable*

Product no.: 62
(Kirchhoff 2004) 28” E Re Ex Sev 6”. Mother Nature outdoes herself with this one. The flower is an intensely saturated, bright persimmon orange self with splashes of pink infusion, especially on the sepals. Recurrent, well-branched scapes. 99% double.

Curtis Montgomery*

Product no.: 68

(Morss 2007) 30” M Re Ex Ev 6”. This is a coral, cedar rose and ivory brushed pastel orchid bitone, with a lavender watermark halo tinged blue. The scapes are recurrent, with five way branching and 37 + buds.


Purple Maze*

Product no.: 123
(Morss 2003) 36" E RE EX EV 5 1/2" Medium carrot orange with triple webbed eye of blue purple and blue lavender outlined red violet above yellow to green throat. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 way branching and 18-22 buds.

Cary Grant*

Product no.: 60
(Kirchhoff 2004) 30” ML Re Ex Ev. 5 3/4” Raspberry red with a bright rose red watermark. The throat is yellow to lime green. The petal edges are serrated and pleated, and rimmed in wire gold. The scapes have 3 – 4 way branching and are strongly recurrent.

Diana Grenfeld*

Product no.: 70

(Morss 2002) 28" ML RE EX EV - 5" to 6" The flower has a black sheen to its deep wine color with black veins and a lighter triangular watermark. The strongly recurrent scapes carry 4 to 5 way branching, and 27-30 buds.


Red on Red*

Product no.: 124

(Kirchhoff 2005) EE Re Ex Ev 5”. Medium red with faint watermark splashed cream above yellow to green throat. The scapes have 3 - 4 way branching, and are strongly recurrent.

1 - 30 of 77 results