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American Spring

Product no.: 14
(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 35” M Re Ex Ev 5”. Clearest red (on the rose side) with narrow yellow edge and big intense green throat. It has unmistakable distinction; sturdy, recurrent scapes.

Double Notions*

Product no.: 17

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 36” E Re Ex Sev Fr 6” Stunning, fragrant,peach pink pealolid double peach pink with darker halo and apricot to lime green throat. A variable crispate double.


Angela Wilkins*

Product no.: 28

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 46” M Re Ex Sev 9.5” A slender, star shaped copper, rose and mahogany blend with a purple chevron eye and large yellow to chartreuse throat.


Lexy Rhaspody*

Product no.: 12
(Morss, 2012) Tet 29" EM Re Ev. 21 buds, 5.75" 3 branches. Medium pastel orchid, deepening above yellow to green throat. (sdlg × sdlg)

Lexy Show Time*

Product no.: 13

(Morss, 2012) Tet 27" E Ex Re Ev 5.75" 23 buds, 3 branches, Orchid pink with orchid halo and chartreuse to green throat, sepals a shade lighter than petals.


Ice Pink Truffle*

Product no.: 18

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 25” L Re Ex Ev 6” A fragrant waxy pink, petaloid double with yellow to green throat. Scapes have three-way branching, around 20 buds, and are recurrent


Hazel Tinsley*

Product no.: 29

(Morss 2012) Tet 32” ML Re Ex Sev 5.75” Intense violet purple with lighter watermark eye, platinum edges on all segments, small throat is yellow to green. The recurrent scapes have 3 way branching and 24 buds.


Margarita Sunrise*

Product no.: 22
(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 40” E Re Ex Fr Sev 5.75”. An intense, blazing orange self in heavily saturated orange gold. Strong, giant scapes 3 way branching. 18 buds

Mermaid Princess*

Product no.: 30

(Morss 2012) Tet 36” L Re Ex Sev 4.75 - 5”. This princess’s color is strong mauve-orchid with a violet eye and double edge. It's recurring scapes have 4-way branching and 30 or more buds.


Red Fortune*

Product no.: 23
(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 36” M Re Ex Sev 6 – 7” 3.5”. Words cannot describe the impact of this tall, bright, glowing red! Its nickname in the garden was “Perfect Blue Red.” Strongly recurrent scapes with 3-way branching

Ruth Buzzi*

Product no.: 24

(Kirchhoff 2012 ) Tet 34 ML Re Ex Sev 6". Intense peach self deepening into a more intense carrot orange halo above an apricot to olive green throat, toothy edge is carrot orange and outlined in gold.



Product no.: 31

(Morss 2012) Tet 27” L Re Ex Ev6” The name, ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ evokes this flower’s many superlatives. A handsome “leading man type daylily”, its color is a cedar-tan blend, displaying a large triangular, blue-lavender, web-patterned eyezone.


Moonstruck Truffle*

Product no.: 154

(Kirchhoff-D., 2011) Tet 30"L Re Ex EV 6” This peony form double is a pastel blend of butter yellow, cream and lime, with pink watercolor kissed highlights, throat is yellow to green. 99% Double.


Tijuana Taxi*

Product no.: 26

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 32” EE Re Ex Ev 6”. The color is orange with a mahogany-red eyezone and a yellow-to-green throat. The scapes have 4-way branching with over 30 buds


Truffle Panache*

Product no.: 27

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 24” EM Re Ex Fr Ev 6.5”. The bloom is a crisp, clear, melon-coral-peach color with darker halo and green heart It gives the impression of late afternoon skies come down to earth, reflecting bright, late-afternoon sunset colors. It is fertile and 98% Double.


Sister Valerie*

Product no.: 25

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 36” EM Re Ex Sev 6”. One of David’s finest reds - wish fulfillment after 35 years of breeding award winning, red daylilies. The scapes are magnificent with 4-6 branches (in KY!) and 33 or more buds.


Mary Baker*

Product no.: 426

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 30” EM Re Ex Ev 6.5” We are honored to present one of AHS’s foremost ambassador’s namesake. Her flower is an intensely saturated, truly red self with a small green throat. The form is full and heavily ruffled edges edged in wire gold. Its texture is satiny, its substance quite heavy.