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Hoity Toity Truffle*

Product no.: 1

Hoity Toity Truffle*  Bright peach pink, double; small green heart. 30" scape repeats. 6 branches. 


Cardinal Kisses*

Product no.: 2

Cardinal Kisses* Tet. The color is day-glow red. Blooms ae 5 - 5.5". 28" scapes have 3-4 way branching and are strongly recurrent.


Hutchinson Fire*

Product no.: 10

Hutchinson Fire*  (Kirchhoff -Swayze 2013) 37” ML Re Ex Ev 6.5”. Sandy Swayze of Swayze’s Daylily Garden selected, grew and evaluated this spectacular red daylily and it was the most admired cultivar in her garden for two years in a row.


Great Red Herron*

Product no.: 3

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 38” M Re Ex Ev 6”. This blue red color seduces with intensely with its silky, smooth finish - a perfect red for every garden. The shape is full, overlapped, widespread and ruffled. Strong, erect, recurrent scapes with three way branching.


Kumquat Sizzle*

Product no.: 4

(Kirchhoff 2013 ) Tet 28” EM Re Ex Ev 5”. The brilliant orange color of this daylily attracts visitors to view it up close. The scapes are strongly recurrent.


Beautiful Carlee*

Product no.: 32

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” EM Re Ex Ev 5”. Shimmering, clear baby ribbon pink, petaloid double. The texture is smooth, with dazzling diamond-dust sparkle. The color and substance sunfast.


Nellie Rarick Memorial*

Product no.: 8

(Morss 2013) Tet 32” EM Re Ex Ev 5”. The color is cattleya orchid or Concord grape violet with a watermark eyezone in patterned zones of blue-lavender and violet.


Katie Snowflake*

Product no.: 64

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” M Re Fr Ex Ev 5 ½.  Creamy pink sparkles on a near white base. A hypnotic double daylily outlined in yellow gold.

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Solo Girl*

Product no.: 9

(Morss 2013) Tet 30” EM Re Ex Ev 4 ¾”. It is a monochromatic lavender-ivory bitone with a watermark eye. The watermark pattern is a pewter-lavender color with orchid veining The colors of this stunning beauty, although subtle, are enticing, illusive and enchanting.


Reggie the Clown*

Product no.: 6

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” 5.5” – 7”. This daylily honors the author, photographer and host of “The Clown Gardener” on Montreal radio, Reggie Millette. Double blooms in electrifying burgundy and currant red. Scapes are strongly recurrent.


Gorgeous Old Lady*

Product no.: 7

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 5 ¼”. Its self color is grayed lavender and apricot buff with stains of lavender violet within an hypnotic eyezone. Its substance and color hold up nicely.


Peppermint Truffle Cake*

Product no.: 5

(Kirchhoff 2013) 30” M Re Ex Ev 6”. This peppermint and ice-cream pink, peony double is three or four generations beyond its grandparent, H. ‘Tutti Fruiti Truffle’. Scapes are strong and recurrent.