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Call Me Mary*

Product no.: 209

Chosen by connoisseur Mary Baker, this is a beautiful, bright red self above a small yellow to green throat. 5 Inch flower, 31 inches tall. Tetraploid


Shirley Ann Toney*

Product no.: 43

(Kirchhoff 2014) 26" M Re Ex Sev 5" Selected by Indiana daylily connoisseur and daylily friend, Shirley Ann Toney. Fabulous, flat open formed petaloid stiyle double in a medium orange self, darker on the sawtooth edges; small yellow to green throat. Well branched strongly recurrent scapes.


Truffle Glamour*

Product no.: 204
(Kirchhoff 2014) 28" L Re Ex Sev 5". 28” L Re Ex Sev 5”. A fine new double with a unique eye. It is a peach pink self color with raspberry blue violet eye and edge above narrow yellow to green throat. Well branched, strongly recurrent scapes.

Mister Johnny*

Product no.: 391
Kirchhoff (2014) M Re Ex VFr Ev 5 1/2". This beautiful new double sizzles in strong coral rose colors with lighter midribs above the apricot to yellow green throat. Commanding attention wherever planted, the scapes have good branching and repeat to provide hundreds of blooms throughout most of the season.

Quiver and Quake*

Product no.: 394

Kirchhoff (2014) 32" E Re Ex Fr Ev. Mulberry and garnet blend with lighter watermark and yellow green throat. Segments outlined in cream. Strongly recurrent scapes with 5-way branching and 18 plus buds.


Truffle Shuffle*

Product no.: 382

(Kirchhoff 2014) 27” ML Re Ex Fr Re Sev 5” Fabulous hose-in-hose double in blends of peach, pink , apricot and honey colors with yellow to green throats. A subtle, center petal stripe sets off the segments. Powerful, though not plentiful pollen. (Truffilicious x Clark Gable). 99.9% Double.


Pat Siegman*

Product no.: 384

Morss (2014) 22" ML Re Ev" 6". This is a yellow and cedar self color with a frosted grape and mahogany watermark eye pattern. Throat is yellow into green. Wide, double edges match the watermark and are outlined in cellophane sparkle, yellow gold pie crust, tendrils and teeth.


Mac Reid*

Product no.: 387

(Morss 2014) E Re Ex Sev 5 1/2". Named to celebrate one of Kentucky's leading landscape architects, the base color of this beauty is near white to ecru and the iridescent, lavender eye is lavender with lilac webbing above a yellow to green throat. Scapes have 4 way branching, 17or more buds.


Linden Lilac*

Product no.: 393

Morss (2014) 30" M Re Ex Sev 5". Morss (2014) 30" M Re Ex Sev 5". Named in remembrance of a beloved child, this lovely orchid peach flower cisplays a wide, raspberry eyezone - watermarked and washed wine and slate … matched on the petal edges, splashed onto a peach self, above the small yellow to green throat.


Fiery Fascination*

Product no.: 395

Kirchhoff (2014) 30" M Re Ex 6". Red with lighter watermark eye and chartreuse throat. The amazingly well branched scapes have 5 - 6 way branching and hold up to 35 buds.


Kyle Billadeau*

Product no.: 370

(Morss 2014) 30" E Re Ex Sev. 5". Named for a real AHS soccer mom and the AHS Treasurer, this is a beautiful flower with lilac, lavender and orchid, watermark, patterned eye, outlined in violet above small green throat. Petal edges match the eye. Cold weather equals deeper color. Very fertile! Strongly recurrent well branched scapes. (Solo Girl X Seedling)


Mable Bowling*

Product no.: 386

(Morss 2014) E Re Ex Ev 5" (Morss 2014) E Re Ex Ev 5" An exceptional new lavender with patterned blue lavender purple violet eye and very green throat. Named for another great daylily friend from Indianapolis. Strongly recurrent scapes. Edges match the eye.


Doris Winton*

Product no.: 424

Doris Winton* (Kirchhoff 2014) 38” Tet M Re Ex EV 6” Dark red, somewhat lighter above small yellow to green throat. Form is full and flat with sepals recurved. Substance is heavy.


Pam Tillis*

Product no.: 427
(Morss) 30" ML RE EX Sev. Profusions of sophisticated, subtle and cool, grape purple colored blossoms with deep purple eye zones and matching edges give one cause for pause. A ghostly lilac arrow pattern, boldly embedded within the purple eyezone is the flowers hallmark, appearing and disappearing throughout the season. A small yellow to green throat marks the center. The recurrent, 30" scapes are have four way branching. (Edge Of Madness X Seedling)