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Product no.: 153

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 28” M Re Ex Ev 5 1 /2”. Shades of cedar, orange and mahogany red form the stippled overlay above medium-orange, yellow webbing, semi-sculpted halo formed by closely spaced dots, above a yellow to green throat.


Blue Mirage*

Product no.: 33

(Morss 2010) Tet 28” ML Re Ex Ev 4 3/4” Zones 7 - 11 Violet with blue violet watermarked halo above yellow to green throat.


Angel's Share*

Product no.: 322

(Morss 2010) Tet 30" EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/2". Lavender pink with wide watermark halo and yellow to green throat. Spectacular, huge blooms on well branched, recurrent scapes. Very fertile.


Joan Jackson*

Product no.: 65

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 29” EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/ 2”Eggplant to violet purple with variable white edge above yellow to green throat. 4 way branching Double 99%


Blue Tooth*

Product no.: 34
(Morss 2010) Tet 30” EM Re Ex Ev 5.5”. Color is a pastel bluish orchid with shaded violet and silver watermark and green throat. Flowers are outlined in violet and silver and show teeth. Amazing branching, bud count and fertility!

Buckskin Tales*

Product no.: 35

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 30*” M VFr Re 12”.Big, showy, grand, in teak with highlights of burnished copper and gold. Eezone is cedar mahogany above the yellow to greenish throat.


Whiskey Fire*

Product no.: 319

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 40” ML Re Ex Sev 7 1 /4”. Burnished red-orange with glints of cedar and mahogany, punctuated by a deeper rosewood halo above the yellow-to-green-throat.


Folkert Schellekens*

Product no.: 39

(Morss 2010) Tet 30” EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/ 2”. It is a silky, diamond-dusted, peachy-pink flower with a big, bluish amethyst halo and a wide, matching, inside edge. With a wide, creped & pleated outer yellow edge.


Lunar Lagoon*

Product no.: 316

(Morss 2010) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 5”. A pastel yellow, with lavender-purple eye, outlined in wine. Petals are outlined wine to lavender inside yellow gold ruffles. Throat is chartreuse to lime green. Three way branching and 20-25 buds.


Kentucky Shape shifter*

Product no.: 324
(Morss 2010) Tet 26” EM Re Ex Ev 6”. Named for the enhanced, variable sculpting at the heart, throat and eyezone. The bloom is frequently formed with ridges and extra inner frills. Color is butter yellow with plum eye above yellow to green throat. Ornate, double edges in plum and gold.

Rosalie's Smile*

Product no.: 323

(Morss, 2010) Tet 32" L Re Ex Sev 5". This is late rebloomer provides bouquets of lovely buttery yellow blooms marked with bold plum eyezone and edge. Throat is yellow to green. Tetraploid, 29 buds, 4 branches,


Vino Di Travis*

Product no.: 318

(Morss 2010) Tet 29” M Re Ex Ev 6”. Intense wine purple with violet eye and veining above small yellow to green throat. The scapes have three - four way branching and 30 or more buds


Skinny Loosy*

Product no.: 321

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 36" M Re Ex Sev 9". Spectacular open formed medium orange with feathered, darker red orange halo.