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Candy Apple Velvet*

Product no.: 15

(Schindler-Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 35” EM Re Ex Ev 5.5”. Primary red with lighter watermark halo and small yellow to green throat.


American Spring

Product no.: 14
(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 35” M Re Ex Ev 5”. Clearest red (on the rose side) with narrow yellow edge and big intense green throat. It has unmistakable distinction; sturdy, recurrent scapes.

New Crunchberry Truffle*

Product no.: 1004

Crunchberry Truffle*  (Kirchhoff 2015)  30" M Re Sev 4".  Medium to medium dark red with deeper eye and yellow to green throat.  All segments are outlined in white cream.

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Hoity Toity Truffle*

Product no.: 1

Hoity Toity Truffle*  Bright peach pink, double; small green heart. 30" scape repeats. 6 branches. 


Ariel Benjamin*

Product no.: 163
(Hensley 2006) Peach pink yellow blend w/ rose red band and lavender midribs. 28" ht 5.5" bloom M Dor Fra Dbl Tet

Cardinal Kisses*

Product no.: 2

Cardinal Kisses* Tet. The color is day-glow red. Blooms ae 5 - 5.5". 28" scapes have 3-4 way branching and are strongly recurrent.


Claudette Colbert*

Product no.: 16
(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 5.5” Tropical orange; rose coral orange watermark halo; pure yellow to green throat. Petals edged in coral rose ruffles.

New Futuristic Fantasy*

Product no.: 1007

Futuristic Fantasy*  (Kirchhoff 2015)  25" MLa Re Ext Sev 6.75 - 7".  

Its size is grand; its color is bright creamy yellow; its texture is diamond dusted! The form is embellished with frilly ruffles  and wide sawtooth edges in bright yellow gold. The blooms are yellow to creamy near-white with lighter midribs, touches of pink highlights and green throats. Scapes are strongly recurrent. The pollen is quite fertile though setting pods is not easy. 98% double.

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New Internal Intrigue*

Product no.: 1010

Internal Intrigue*  A 5"  lavender double with an unusual throat pattern. Only a few plants are available.

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Double Notions*

Product no.: 17

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 36” E Re Ex Sev Fr 6” Stunning, fragrant,peach pink pealolid double peach pink with darker halo and apricot to lime green throat. A variable crispate double.


Coyote Moon*

Product no.: 11
(Kirchhoff) 1995 28"" EE Re Ex Ev 3 1/2"". HM '98. ATG '01. Handsome buttercup yellow, splashed amber, and clove. Perfectly round, ruffled. Well-branched, with lots of buds.

Bonibrae Sharky*

Product no.: 180

(Matthie 2009) Pink with double edge of dark purple and gold teeth. 20"ht 4.5" bloom M Re Dor Dbl Tet


New Royal Carnelian*

Product no.: 1015

Royal Carnelian* (Kirchhoff 2015) 30" E Re Ext Sev 5 1/2.   'Royal Carnelian' provides a double serving of orange, marked with raspberry veins and coral midribs, glistening with gold edges on the petal and petaloid segments. The sturdy scapes provide 26 buds with three-way branching. Consistently 97% double. Fertile pollen, reluctant pods. 



New Sakura Truffle*

Product no.: 1016

Sakura Truffle* (Kirchhoff 2015)  26" M Re Ext Sev 5 1/2".  The color is pink and rose pink with red veins add distinction, radiating outwards to the edges of the petals. The throat is yellow to green.  The segments have white edges. The strong scapes have 3 way branching and average 15 - 20 buds. Hard to set pods, pollen is generously fertile.  A fabulous, 93% petaloid double.

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Angela Wilkins*

Product no.: 28

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 46” M Re Ex Sev 9.5” A slender, star shaped copper, rose and mahogany blend with a purple chevron eye and large yellow to chartreuse throat.


New Plumberry Tart*

Product no.: 1013

Plumberry Tart* (Kirchhoff 2015) 30" La Re Sev 6".   The color is a blending of plum, dark berry, and oxblood red. The consistently double blossoms are in encircled tiny silver edges surrounding full formed, petaloid segments. The strong and recurring scapes have three-way branching and display to great advantage. The pods need coaxing, and the pollen is potent.


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Hutchinson Fire*

Product no.: 10

Hutchinson Fire*  (Kirchhoff -Swayze 2013) 37” ML Re Ex Ev 6.5”. Sandy Swayze of Swayze’s Daylily Garden selected, grew and evaluated this spectacular red daylily and it was the most admired cultivar in her garden for two years in a row.


American Bandstand*

Product no.: 159
(Pickles 2009) Honey cream self. 36" ht 6" bloom EM Re Sev Tet

New Summer Souffle*

Product no.: 1020

Summer Souffle* (Kirchhoff 2015)  25" M Re Sev 6".   Color is cream, peach-pink and lemon deliciousness. The double blooms flower form is sometimes petaloid or hose-in-hose or both in combination. The sturdy scapes have three-way branching and are strongly recurrent. 98% double.

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Lexy Rhaspody*

Product no.: 12
(Morss, 2012) Tet 29" EM Re Ev. 21 buds, 5.75" 3 branches. Medium pastel orchid, deepening above yellow to green throat. (sdlg × sdlg)

New Toffee Berry Truffle*

Product no.: 1022

Toffee Berry Truffle* (Kirchhoff 2015)  24" La Re Ext Sev 7".  The petaloid double blossoms are an orange and tan blend, with lighter midribs as well and the margins of the petals. The halo is orange, just above a yellow-orange to green throat. The sturdy scapes have three way branching and are strongly recurrent. Its pollen is fertile.

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Angels Gather Around*

Product no.: 162

(Grace 2008) Peach pink self above lettuce green edge. 30" ht 5.5" bloom M Re Evr Tet


New Truffle Temptation*

Product no.: 1023

Truffle Temptation*  (Kirchhoff 2015)  28" La Re Ext Sev 6".  ((seedling x Glorious Autumn) x Seedling) The color is a blend of strawberry and peach apricot scrumptiousness. The throat is apricot shading to hints of green. The form is round and petaloid or hose-in-hose or a combination of both types. The color and substance are sunfast and sparkle with diamond dust.   Very special. 99% Double.

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Ice Pink Truffle*

Product no.: 18

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 25” L Re Ex Ev 6” A fragrant waxy pink, petaloid double with yellow to green throat. Scapes have three-way branching, around 20 buds, and are recurrent


Aunt Kathryn*

Product no.: 165
(Hansen 2009) Red violet with light plum halo and white edge above green throat. 28" ht 6" bloom M Re Evr Tet

Joyce Underwood*

Product no.: 19

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 28” EM Re Ex Sev 5”. Medium red with watermark halo, yellow to green throat. Edged in wire gold. Scapes are recurrent


Age Of Aquarius*

Product no.: 156

(Moldovan, 2001)28" M Re Dor Tetraploid 40 buds, 6 branches Lavender pink edged cream with lighter watermark, above light yellow to green throat.


Jeanne Rowles*

Product no.: 20

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 6.5” - 7”. Gorgeous, pastel pink petaloid double, with cloverleaf yellow eye; green throat and bright gold edges. The scapes are recurrent, displaying the blooms to perfection.

Individual Price $150.00

Great Red Herron*

Product no.: 3

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 38” M Re Ex Ev 6”. This blue red color seduces with intensely with its silky, smooth finish - a perfect red for every garden. The shape is full, overlapped, widespread and ruffled. Strong, erect, recurrent scapes with three way branching.


Bit of Blue*

Product no.: 172
(Stamile 2004) Large burnt orange with a tint of lavender and a large yellow appliquéd throat pattern surrounded by a raisin plum eye.
1 - 30 of 294 results