All Double Flowered Daylilies

All Double Flowered Daylilies

Whether waxy, wavy, watermarked, petaloid form, peony or spider form, doubles offer more variety than any other form of daylily.

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Truffle Panache*

Product no.: 27

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 24” EM Re Ex Fr Ev 6.5”. The bloom is a crisp, clear, melon-coral-peach color with darker halo and green heart It gives the impression of late afternoon skies come down to earth, reflecting bright, late-afternoon sunset colors. It is fertile and 98% Double.


Signature Truffle

Product no.: 136
(Kirchhoff 2005) 28" EM Re Ex Ev 6". Coral peach rose with gold edge above huge clover leaf yellow to lime throat. Scapes have 3 - 5 way branching with up to 45 buds.

Truffle Glamour*

Product no.: 204
(Kirchhoff 2014) 28" L Re Ex Sev 5". 28” L Re Ex Sev 5”. A fine new double with a unique eye. It is a peach pink self color with raspberry blue violet eye and edge above narrow yellow to green throat. Well branched, strongly recurrent scapes.

Katie Snowflake*

Product no.: 64

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” M Re Fr Ex Ev 5 ½.  Creamy pink sparkles on a near white base. A hypnotic double daylily outlined in yellow gold.

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Glorious Autumn*

Product no.: 83

(Kirchhoff 2005 ) 27" M Re Ex Dor 5". The orange red shades into orange and blends from gold into yellow above the flower's heart.


Grapefruit Truffle*

Product no.: 85
(Kirchhoff 2002) 27" L Re Ex Fr Ev 6". This is a lovely, Naples yellow double with faint rose tints and a yellow to green throat. The recurrent scapes exhibit three way branching and 15 - 18 buds.

Layers of Love*

Product no.: 278
(Kropf-Calderon 2008) Red self with lighter edges. 26" ht 5.5" bloom MLa Re Dor Fra Dbl Tet

Lorrie Morgan*

Product no.: 367

(Kirchhoff 2014) 28" L Re Ex Sev 5" Purest peach, deepening slightly above green heart. Tiny, sawooth edges. 3-way branching, 20 buds. 99.9% Double.


Reggie the Clown*

Product no.: 6

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” 5.5” – 7”. This daylily honors the author, photographer and host of “The Clown Gardener” on Montreal radio, Reggie Millette. Double blooms in electrifying burgundy and currant red. Scapes are strongly recurrent.


Truffle Sunrise*

Product no.: 145
(Kirchhoff 2001) 29'' E RE EX EV 6''. Lemon yellow with carrot rose red halo above yellow to green throat. The scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent

Tay Tay La Breene

Product no.: 1028

Tay Tay La Breene* (Kirchhoff, D. 2011) 28" EM Re Ex Ev to Sev Tet 5 3/4"

Back in stock, with a few plants to sell in 2015. Luscious, pastel yellow to near-white with peach lustre and green throat. This petaloid double is lavishly edged in sparkling yellow gold. A paragon. 98% double. ((Big Peach Mama x Trufflicious) x ( sdlg  x Trufflicious))


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Janis Joplin*

Product no.: 93
(Kirchhoff 2005) 30" M Re Fr Ex Ev 5 1/2". Intense coral orange with darker halo and gold edge. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 way branching.

Sweet Yellow Truffle*

Product no.: 1313

Sweet Yellow Truffle* (Kirchhoff, 2009) 33" Midseason Reblooms Extended, Evergreen, Very Fragrant. 6" blooms. A spectacular, clear mimosa yellow petaloid double with Lime green throat. Tetraploid. Fertile, 98% double. 

Individual Price $75.00

John Kirkland*

Product no.: 94
(Kirchhoff 1999) 28"" EM Re Ex VFr Ev 5 1/2"". Flesh pink self with peach rose halo above yellow to green throat

Mister Johnny*

Product no.: 391
Kirchhoff (2014) M Re Ex VFr Ev 5 1/2". This beautiful new double sizzles in strong coral rose colors with lighter midribs above the apricot to yellow green throat. Commanding attention wherever planted, the scapes have good branching and repeat to provide hundreds of blooms throughout most of the season.

Libby Gallion*

Product no.: 281
(Hensley-D 2010) Fiery orange with red veins and lighter edge above yellow to green throat. 32" ht 6" bloom La Re Dor Fra Dbl Tet


Product no.: 3331

EGADS*  EGADS! This 5" TET double daylily cultivar glows with dark gold blooms marked with garnet eyezones. Repcurrent. 


Little Baby Cakes

Product no.: 284
(Vaughn-K 2005) Peach blend above yellow green throat. 15" ht 3.25" bloom EM Re Dor Dbl Dip

Joan Jackson*

Product no.: 65

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 29” EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/ 2”Eggplant to violet purple with variable white edge above yellow to green throat. 4 way branching Double 99%


Quiver and Quake*

Product no.: 394

Kirchhoff (2014) 32" E Re Ex Fr Ev. Mulberry and garnet blend with lighter watermark and yellow green throat. Segments outlined in cream. Strongly recurrent scapes with 5-way branching and 18 plus buds.


Truffle Nirvana*

Product no.: 148

Start a New Search Daylily 'Truffle Nirvana' (Kirchhoff-D., 2004) scape height 31 inches bloom size 5 inches bloom season Early-Midseason, Rebloom form Double 98% ploidy Tetraploid foliage type Evergreen bloom habit Extended bud count 23 branches 4 Kirchhoff (2004) 31" EM Re Ex Sev 5" - 5 1/2". Tet A pastel apricot with plum eye and plum gold edge above yellow to green throat. Very fine. Very fertile pod and pollen. 98% Double Parentage: (((sdlg × Sanford Double Doozie) × ((Jungle Tapestry × Jet Signal) × (sdlg × sdlg)))


Truffles Milanese*

Product no.: 313
(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 30" ML Re Ex Ev 5.5". Rave reviews for this bright, apricot, melon peach double. Consistent double form and combines both hose-in-hose and petaloid styles.

Micro Chip

Product no.: 295
(Trimmer-J. 2005) Coral pink with pale rouge eye above yellow throat. 19" ht 2.87" bloom La Re Evr Dbl Dip

Hybridizer's Truffle*

Product no.: 425
+ Hybridizer’s Truffle* (Kirchhoff) 36” M Re Ex Ev 5 ½”. This unique Double is a medium orchid and ivory lavender bitone with a strong lilac watermark halo. Color is clear and sunfast. Substance holds well in hot sun. Extremely fertile both ways and a great parent for taller scapes, bitones and lavender/orchid/amethyst/purple offspring. 3 way branching and 20 buds. 98% Double.

Marlene Dietrich*

Product no.: 381

(Kirchhoff) 2005 30" E Re Ex Ev 7". The massive flowers of this clear, shell pink/peach double, combine both petaloid and hose-in-hose style forms throughout the season. Sunfast color and substance. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 - 5 way branching with many buds. 99. % double.


New Mike Shadrack*

Product no.: 3338

Mike Shadrack* The giant 6.5"-7" double  is red-gold orange. 30 inch well branched scapes repeat all season. 

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Pursuit Of Pleasure*

Product no.: 383

Pursuit of Pleasure (Kirchhoff-D., 2008) 28" - 30" ML Ex Re Ev to Sev 5 3/4" - 6". Gorgeous, double, intense orange self above yellow to green throat. Very popular. 34 buds, 4 branches, Double 99%,


Party Crasher*

Product no.: 326
(Kropf-Calderon 2008) Red orange blend with yellow edge. 34" ht 5" bloom MLa Re Sev Dbl Tet

Pink Carnation Bouquet*

Product no.: 330
(Benz-J. 2004) Peach pink blend above green throat. 34" ht 5" bloom M Re Dor VFra Dbl Tet

New Truffles L Orange

Product no.: 3449

Truffles L Orange*  30” EM Re VFr Ex Ev 6.5”. Very large, fragrant double orange blooms splash color across the garden. 92% double.

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31 - 60 of 64 results