All Double Flowered Daylilies

All Double Flowered Daylilies

Whether waxy, wavy, watermarked, petaloid form, peony or spider form, doubles offer more variety than any other form of daylily.

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Sizzling Kisses*

Product no.: 363

(Eller-N. 2010) Orange, extended bright lime throat, cream edges. 40" ht 6.5" bloom E Re Sev Fra Tet


New Truffle Tranquility*

Product no.: 3448

Truffle Tranquility* Near white to alabaster/cream 5" double blooms are of peony form; 28" recurrent scapes.99.9% Double 

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New Das Glitzern*

Product no.: 3330

Das Glitzern*  32” EM Re Ex Ev. 4 Branches, 22 buds 6” TET. Large, near white blooms with glitzy gold-edges.  A great parent. 84% Double. 

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New Glamour Princess

Product no.: 3334

Glamour Princess* This “peony” formed double daylily cultivar dazzles in shades of rich coral-rose pink. Reblooms like crazy! 99% Double.

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61 - 64 of 64 results