Introductions Pre 2010

Introductions Pre 2010

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Kisses For Cinderella*

Product no.: 96

(Morss 2007) 38” E Re Ex Ev 6”. Pastel apricot with patterned triple band red violet to lavender dark blue lavender eye above chartreuse to willow green throat.. 4 – 5 way branching and 30+ buds.


Sweet Yellow Truffle*

Product no.: 1313

Sweet Yellow Truffle* (Kirchhoff, 2009) 33" Midseason Reblooms Extended, Evergreen, Very Fragrant. 6" blooms. A spectacular, clear mimosa yellow petaloid double with Lime green throat. Tetraploid. Fertile, 98% double. 

Individual Price $75.00

John Kirkland*

Product no.: 94
(Kirchhoff 1999) 28"" EM Re Ex VFr Ev 5 1/2"". Flesh pink self with peach rose halo above yellow to green throat

Sweet Malinda*

Product no.: 142

(Kirchhoff 2008) 33” E Re Ex Ev 4 ¾”. Medium orange with red eye above orange to green heart throat. The scapes are strongly recurrent with 3 – 4 way branching and 20 – 24 buds.



Product no.: 97

(Morss 2003) 34" E Re Ex Sev 6" Pink yellow with wide purple eye and edge above yellow to green throat.


Hoochie Coochie Man*

Product no.: 89

(Kirchhoff 2002) 30" E RE EX EV - 5 1/2". This clear, guardsman red self with a faint watermark halo and yellow to green throat is near perfection. The scapes have four-way branching and 25 - 27 buds.


James Dean*

Product no.: 92

(Kirchhoff 2005) 30” M Re Ex Ev 6” Saffron yellow with chocolate eye and edge outlined gold above yellow to green throat. The throat is yellow to green. The recurrent scapes are well-branched with many buds


Virginia Little Henson*

Product no.: 149
(Kirchhoff 2000) 26'' E RE EX EV 5''. Strong coral rose pink with darker halo and gold edge above yellow to green throat.

Frog Spring*

Product no.: 79

(Morss 2007) 28” M Re Ex Ev 5 1/2”. The color is butter-cream, with a wide, rose chevron flash contrasted on petals and sepals. The dramatic rose edges match the eyezone. Strongly recurrent scapes


Whiskey Fire*

Product no.: 150

(Kirchhoff 2010) 40” ML Re Ex Sev 7 1 /4”. Burnished red orange with glints of cedar and mahogany and deeper rosewood halo above yellow to green throat. well-branched, recurrent scapes which hold the giant blooms.


Truffle Nirvana*

Product no.: 148

Start a New Search Daylily 'Truffle Nirvana' (Kirchhoff-D., 2004) scape height 31 inches bloom size 5 inches bloom season Early-Midseason, Rebloom form Double 98% ploidy Tetraploid foliage type Evergreen bloom habit Extended bud count 23 branches 4 Kirchhoff (2004) 31" EM Re Ex Sev 5" - 5 1/2". Tet A pastel apricot with plum eye and plum gold edge above yellow to green throat. Very fine. Very fertile pod and pollen. 98% Double Parentage: (((sdlg × Sanford Double Doozie) × ((Jungle Tapestry × Jet Signal) × (sdlg × sdlg)))


Wild Winter Wine*

Product no.: 151

(Kirchhoff 2007) 42" E Re Ex Ev 6". Wine with variable white edge above yellow to green throat. The massive plants produce strongly recurrent scapes with four way branching and 28 or more buds.


Hybridizer's Truffle*

Product no.: 425
+ Hybridizer’s Truffle* (Kirchhoff) 36” M Re Ex Ev 5 ½”. This unique Double is a medium orchid and ivory lavender bitone with a strong lilac watermark halo. Color is clear and sunfast. Substance holds well in hot sun. Extremely fertile both ways and a great parent for taller scapes, bitones and lavender/orchid/amethyst/purple offspring. 3 way branching and 20 buds. 98% Double.

Marlene Dietrich*

Product no.: 381

(Kirchhoff) 2005 30" E Re Ex Ev 7". The massive flowers of this clear, shell pink/peach double, combine both petaloid and hose-in-hose style forms throughout the season. Sunfast color and substance. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 - 5 way branching with many buds. 99. % double.


Pursuit Of Pleasure*

Product no.: 383

Pursuit of Pleasure (Kirchhoff-D., 2008) 28" - 30" ML Ex Re Ev to Sev 5 3/4" - 6". Gorgeous, double, intense orange self above yellow to green throat. Very popular. 34 buds, 4 branches, Double 99%,


Folkert Schellekens

Product no.: 77

(Morss 2010) 30” EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/ 2”. It is a silky, diamond-dusted, peachy-pink flower with a big, bluish amethyst halo and a wide, matching, inside edge. With a wide, creped & pleated outer yellow edge.


Heliotrope Island

Product no.: 87
(Morss 2007) 30” EM Re Ex Sev. . The bloom is a saturated, amethyst color with heliotrope eyezone, veining, and edge. Throat is yellow to green. Strongly recurrent, with 4 – 5 way branching and 30 + buds. Hardy!
61 - 77 of 77 results