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Sandra Elizabeth*

Product no.: 355
(Stevens-D. 1983) Deep yellow self. 28" ht 6" bloom VLa Dor Tet

Heliotrope Island

Product no.: 87
(Morss 2007) 30” EM Re Ex Sev. . The bloom is a saturated, amethyst color with heliotrope eyezone, veining, and edge. Throat is yellow to green. Strongly recurrent, with 4 – 5 way branching and 30 + buds. Hardy!

New Nashville Boots*

Product no.: 3341

Nashville Boots*  Clear red 5.5" colorful bitone, with a small yellow-green throat and well branched 28" repeating scapes.

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Violet Muse

Product no.: 3450

Violet Muse* SEV A 30" recurrent, 5.5" lavender lilac bitone with lighter watermark and yellow to green throat.

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New Carol's Crown

Product no.: 3327

Carol’s crown* (Morss) 2016 30” EM Re Ex Ev 7.25” This is an extra-large, exotically formed, wine red giant held on sturdy, recurrent scapes.

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New Nashville Bloomers*

Product no.: 3339

Nashville Bloomers* Its huge 7.5" blossom is a blend of lavender with giant watermark. 36" scapes repeat

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Soldier's Joy*

Product no.: 364

(Moore-Woodhall 2008) Cream purple bitone with silvery violet band above yellow gold throat. 28" ht 6" bloom M Sev Tet


Spacecoast Blood Diamond*

Product no.: 368

(Kinnebrew-J. 2007) Bright red self with ruffled gold edge. 30" ht 6" bloom EM Re Sev Tet

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Spanish Fiesta*

Product no.: 371
(Trimmer 2006) Orange pink with red eye and edge above yellow green throat. 32" ht 6.5" bloom EM Re Evr Tet

Stick Figure*

Product no.: 374

(Stamile 2005) Lavender self above green throat. 33" ht 10.5" bloom E Re Dor Spider Ratio 4.42:1 Tet


Sugar Camp Explosion

Product no.: 375

(Stone-C. 2005) Red with orange edge and throat. 33" ht 7.5" bloom MLa Re Sev Dip



Product no.: 379
(Stamile, 2003) Deep blue lavender with gold edge above grass green throat. 29" ht 5.5" bloom M Re Evr Tet

New Gateway To The South*

Product no.: 3332

Gateway to the South*  The basic colors are yellow gold with plum-red eye zones. Its scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent.

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Product no.: 390
(Gossard 2007) Light pink with striking red eye and tooth edge. 34" ht 7.5" bloom M Dor Fra Tet

Time in a Bottle*

Product no.: 396
(Petit 2001) Yellow with patterned eye above green throat. 26" ht 6.5" bloom M Re sev Tet

Toucan Sam*

Product no.: 399
(Gossard 2007) Purple bitone with dark blue purple eye with white rimmed edge above very green throat. 31" ht 6.5" bloom M Dor UFo Cascade Tet

Troll Under the Bridge*

Product no.: 401

(Reed 2007) Light red with dark red eye above green yellow throat. 36" ht 8" bloom EM Dor UFo Crispate Tet


Turn Up the Volume*

Product no.: 403
(Corbett 2006) Light orange with orange red chevron eye and orange red edge. 26" ht 7" bloom EM Re Evr Fra Tet


Product no.: 404

(Gossard 2007) Lavender purple spotted purple reverse bicolor with purple eye and edge above green to near white throat. 41" ht 6" bloom M Dor Fra UFo Spatulate Tet


White As Snow*

Product no.: 416
(Waldrop 2008) White ruffled self above green throat. 24" ht 7" bloom EM Re Dor Tet

Women Seeking Men*

Product no.: 419

(Hanson-C. 1999) Rose blend with soft strawberry watermark and green throat. 41" ht 6" bloom MLa Sev Fra Tet


Zoe Allegra*

Product no.: 423

(Petit 2008) Lavender with purple patterned eye and matching picotee and gold edge. 30" ht 5.5" bloom M Sev Tet


New Hybridizer's Truffle*

Product no.: 392
Hybridizer’s Truffle* (Kirchhoff) 36” M Re Ex Ev 5 ½”. A unique, medium orchid and ivory lavender bitone with a strong lilac watermark halo. Extremely fertile both ways and a great parent for taller scapes, bitones and fabulous offspring.4 way branching and 20 buds.buds. 98% double


Product no.: 2222

Alien DNA* Selman (2009) 40" M Re Dor 6" Tet. Cool lavender and raspberry bitone with yellow applique throat and green heart. 


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Product no.: 2224

Talladega* (Stamile-P., 2008) 29" E Re Semi Evergreen 5.75". Wine rose red with white edge.



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271 - 295 of 295 results