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Bit of Blue*

Product no.: 172
(Stamile 2004) Large burnt orange with a tint of lavender and a large yellow appliquéd throat pattern surrounded by a raisin plum eye.

Lemon Madeline*

Product no.: 100

Lemon Madeline*  8" Lemon blooms with emerald green throats. Repeating scapes; 7 branches; up to 50 buds


Judi Romano*

Product no.: 21

(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 25” E Re Ex VFr Ev 6.75”-7” Fragrant, fabulous, double yellow self with medium carrot rose eyezone; fancy orange and gold edging; yellow to green throat. Recurrent scapes 4-way branching, 30 or more buds. Absolutely fabulous!

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Black Eyed Bully*

Product no.: 173
(Miner 2006) Cream with multicolored eye above green throat. 26" ht 4.25" bloom EE Re Evr Tet

Blackberry Dragon*

Product no.: 174
(Gossard 2008) Black raspberry w/darker eye a yellow orange throat. 41" ht 8.5" bloom EM Re Dor Ufo Tet

Hazel Tinsley*

Product no.: 29

(Morss 2012) Tet 32” ML Re Ex Sev 5.75” Intense violet purple with lighter watermark eye, platinum edges on all segments, small throat is yellow to green. The recurrent scapes have 3 way branching and 24 buds.


Amethyst Veil*

Product no.: 42
(Morss, 2007) 30" 5.75" M, Ev Tetraploid, 28 buds, 4 branches Lavender orchid with dark amethyst stippling and dark amethyst halo with purple and white gold edge.

Chain Reaction*

Product no.: 194

(Benz 2004) Ivory cream with deep purple eye above green throat. 24" ht 5" bloom M Dor Fra Dbl Tet


Margarita Sunrise*

Product no.: 22
(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 40” E Re Ex Fr Sev 5.75”. An intense, blazing orange self in heavily saturated orange gold. Strong, giant scapes 3 way branching. 18 buds

After Midnight*

Product no.: 45
(Morss 2001) 28" E Re Ex Ev 5". The color is somewhere between eggplant, deepest red, and black! The throat is small, cloverleaf patterned, and chartreuse. . The scapes are strongly recurrent with 3 way branching and 14 - 18 buds.

Double Blue Blood*

Product no.: 218

(George-T 2005) Blue blood red self above pale yellow throat. 26" ht 5.5" bloom EM Re Sev Tet


Limehouse Blues*

Product no.: 104

(Morss 2007) 38” EM Re Ex Ev 6 ½” Coral orchid with web patterned violet blue lavender eye outlined orchid above yellow to green throat.


Sanford Double Doozie

Product no.: 128
(Kirchhoff 2002) 32" EE RE EX FR EV - 5 ½". Coral orchid with bold wine purple eye above yellow to green throat. The recurrent scapes carry up to 4-5 way branching and 35 - 45 buds.

New Eye Gaze Pattern*

Product no.: 1005

Eye Gaze Pattern*  (Morss 2015)  28" La Re Ev 5".  The bloom is a unique orange color with a purple eye. The eye pattern consists of multiple rings and webbing in lavender, purple, violet, red and amber above the green throat. Line bred - closely related to Mort's 'Counted Shadows' and 'Purple Maze'. Fertile and recurrent.

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Brave Kemo Sabe*

Product no.: 182
(Salter 2010) Light cream to pale white, large purple. 30" ht 5.75" bloom M Re Sev Tet


Product no.: 106

(Morss 2003) 32" E RE EV 6 ½" Buttercup yellow with quadruple eye pattern of blue lavender to blue orchid to lavender pewter outlined red violet above yellow to green throat.


New Flower Drum Song*

Product no.: 1006

Flower Drum Song* (Morss 2015)  29" La Re Ev 6".  

The base color is pastel peach; the complex eye zone is grape purple; the double edge matches the eye zone; the throat is yellow to green. The scapes have 2 - 3 way branching and are recurrent. Fertile but not an easy parent.


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Aspiring Angel*

Product no.: 1000

Aspiring Angel A 5" bitone with amethyst lavender petals and ivory sepals brushed with lavender. Great repeater.



Carrot Rouge Truffle*

Product no.: 191

(Schwarz-Kirchhoff 2003) Cantaloupe carrot orange w/ copper gold base. 28" ht 5" bloom M Re Dor Dbl Tet


New Grape Pearls*

Product no.: 1008

Grape Pearls*  (Morss 2015)  32" M Re Ext Sev 4 3/4". The bloom is a perfectly formed and grape purple color with a prominent lavender purple eyezone and edge. The scapes are strongly recurrent in zone 6, averaging 2 to 4 sets with 3 to 5 way branching and 28 to 35 buds. Fertile both ways.

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Brighton Beach*

Product no.: 185

(Woodhall 2002) Golden maize with golden orange edge above green throat. 24" ht 5" bloom EM Re Sev Tet


Marilyn Morss Johnson*

Product no.: 109

(Morss 2007) 30” EM Re Sev 7". Medium orchid with layered blue lavender violet purple patterned eye and edge outlined pewter to white. The scapes are strongly recurrent with 25 buds and 3-way branching.


Beyond The Sky*

Product no.: 52
(Morss 2008) 28” – 32” EM Re Ev 7” Pristine lavender color. The petals are long and widespread, with edges gilded in platinum and gold. The recurrent scapes have 3 –way branching and 18-21 buds.

Margaret Tucker*

Product no.: 107

(Kirchhoff 2000) 32" ML Re Ex VFR Ev 6 ½ - 7". Flaming mango tangerine peach blend above green throat.


New Grateful Praise*

Product no.: 1009

Grateful Praise*  (Morss 2015)  30" EM Re Sev 5 1/2".  The color is clear, pastel peach with a patterned, wine, pewter and lavender eye zone and yellow to green throat. It is fertile both ways, and the sturdy scapes are strongly recurrent.  

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Big Dipper*

Product no.: 53

(Morss 2003) 35" E Re Ex Ev 7" Papaya cream with a washed slate lavender eye, webbed and outlined in raspberry. The throat is chartreuse into a large, strong green heart. 3 way branching and 18-23 buds.


Blue Desire*

Product no.: 177

(Gossard 2007) Flesh pink w/ blue eye into maroon colors with light rose pink edge. 28" ht 4.75 bloom EM Re Evr Tet


Black Lapis*

Product no.: 54
(Morss 2005) 28" EE Re Ex Sev 5 3/4". The color is a sensational black wine self with hints of midnight blue and flashes of wine purple, above a lime green triangular throat. Sunfast. The scapes have widely spaced 3 - 5 way branching.

New Kentucky River Mist*

Product no.: 1012

Kentucky River Mist* (Morss 2015)  34" M Re Ext Ev 4 3/4".  The exterior color is a pastel orchid with a narrow amethyst border outlined in silver filigree. The watermark pattern is formed in bands of pewter, lavender, lilac and grey within amethyst veins.The throat is yellow to green. The scapes are sturdy and strongly recurrent with four-way branching. Fertile both ways.  

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Mermaid Princess*

Product no.: 30

(Morss 2012) Tet 36” L Re Ex Sev 4.75 - 5”. This princess’s color is strong mauve-orchid with a violet eye and double edge. It's recurring scapes have 4-way branching and 30 or more buds.

31 - 60 of 297 results