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Product no.: 103
(Kirchhoff 2003) 28" M RE EX SEV 7" Yellow tinged chartreuse self above green throat.

New Silver Tips*

Product no.: 1018

Silver Tips* (Morss 2015)  26" EM Re Ev 5".  Some daylilies are too stunning and unique to ignore and 'Silver Tips' is one of them. The flower is a nearly black wine self-color with significant depth to its opaque black, purple inkiness. It is that wonderful silver picotee that suggests its name. The scapes are recurrent and have 2 - 3 way branching with  10 - 15 buds. Recommended for Zones 7 - 10. Pod and pollen fertile.

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Captain Jack*

Product no.: 189
(Schaben 2007) Purple lavender bitone with dark purple eye and light toothed edge. 30" ht 6" bloom EM Dor Tet

Blues Avenue*

Product no.: 55

(Morss 2005) 30" EE Re Ex Ev 5". Folks stop to admire the pastel orchid flowers with patterned eyezones of lavender (towards blue) outlined in shades of violet and purple. The petals edges are outlined in violet and gold. . Well branched, strongly recurrent scapes. Fertile both ways.


Moroccan Madness*

Product no.: 112
(Morss 2005) 36” E Re Ex Ev 7.5”. Cream yellow with violet plum eye above yellow to green throat. Strongly recurrent, extraordinary performing, with 5 way branching.

Betty Ford*

Product no.: 49
(Kirchhoff 2002) Tet 30" EE RE Ex SEV - 5 1/2". Blooms are unique shades of shimmering garnet to cardinal red with a blue red pile. The color intensifies above a clear apricot red, watermark halo and yellow to citron green throat. 3 - 5 way branching and 24 - 26 buds.

One Two Three Wow*

Product no.: 3343

One Two Three Wow *  30” M Re Ex Fr Ev 6 – 6 ½”. Double pastel peach pink  blooms on strong recurrent scapes.

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Linda Lubitz*

Product no.: 105
(Kirchhoff 2007) 32” E Re Ex Ev 7”. Peach pink with gold edge and fuchsia rose outline above gold edge.

Carpe Diem*

Product no.: 190
(Lorrain 2009) Red self above chartreuse green throat. 30" ht 5.5" bloom MLa Dor Tet

Casper's Shadow*

Product no.: 192

(Petit 2008) Lavender with violet eye above green appliqué throat. 28" 5.5" bloom M Re Sev Tet


Favor and Blessings*

Product no.: 233
(Hensley 2011) Veined peach coral with rose eye. 40" ht 6.5" bloom Mla Re Dor Dbl Tet

New Barbara Devereaux White*

Product no.: 1001

Barbara Devereaux White* The 5.25", clear, bright orange-red bitone lowers have yellow-green throats.  The 30 scapes are strongly recurrent.  

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Bridey Greeson*

Product no.: 183
(Grace-Smith 2003) Rose mauve w/bl violet wtmk & bl violet & yellow dbl edge. 26" ht 5.5 bloom EM Re Sev Tet

Butterflies Are Free*

Product no.: 59

(Morss 2008) 30” E Re Ex Fr Ev 7”. The base color is greyed orchid lavender. The eyezone is a web patterned, lavender blue color, clearly outlined in violet, repeated boldly on petals and sepals. Inside the eye, the web color is blue violet, and it is red violet outside the eye.


Celestial Empire*

Product no.: 193
(Trimmer 2007) Rose purple self above green throat. 30" ht 6" bloom EM Re Evr Tet

Ruth Buzzi*

Product no.: 24

(Kirchhoff 2012 ) Tet 34 ML Re Ex Sev 6". Intense peach self deepening into a more intense carrot orange halo above an apricot to olive green throat, toothy edge is carrot orange and outlined in gold.


New Voluminous Lashes*

Product no.: 1025

Voluminous Lashes*  (Morss 2015)  36" MLa Re Ext Sev 5 1/2".  Ridges formed by a sculpted throat sweeping out from the green heart of this flower seem like yellow eyelashes superimposed upon seductive eyelids, blinking to reveal lavender eyeshadow. The flower's color is pastel apricot with a pastel orchid-lilac eyezone. The embossing of the throat extends onto the eyezone. The tightly ruffled petals are a edged in a smoky lilac color with gold flecks. It blooms on three sets of strong scapes with three-way branching.

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Night Fever*

Product no.: 116

(Morss 2009) 27” ML Re Ex Ev. 4 7/8”. Wine purple deepening to sooty ebony ink halo shaded wine red above green throat.


Kumquat Sizzle*

Product no.: 4

(Kirchhoff 2013 ) Tet 28” EM Re Ex Ev 5”. The brilliant orange color of this daylily attracts visitors to view it up close. The scapes are strongly recurrent.


Norma Desmond*

Product no.: 117
(Kirchhoff 2005) 30" M Re Ex Ev. Lavender orchid cream bitone with white gold tooth edge above yellow to chartreuse throat. Scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent.

Pacific Mystic*

Product no.: 118
(Morss 2005) 32" EE Re Ex Ev 7". Lavender amethyst with pewter lavender halo and edge outlined in white gold above yellow to green throat. The scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent.

Chromatic Butterfly*

Product no.: 61

(Morss 2003) 30" EE RE EX SEV 6" The color is alabaster ivory with a triple eye pattern in shades of pewter, blue lavender and violet. The recurrent scapes have three way branching and 25-27 buds.


New Charles Walker*

Product no.: 1002

Charles Walker*  (Kirchhoff 2015) 28" ML Re Ex Ev to Sev 7".  Our friend Charlie Walker, recent past president of the Blue Grass Hemerocallis Society of Lexington, chose this for his namesake. Imagine seven inches of spicy orange blossoms, edged in white. The flower form is full and open faced. The scapes have three way branching and are strongly recurrent.   

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Barbara Mandrell*

Product no.: 66

(Kirchhoff 2009) Tet 30" EM, Re Ev 6.25". Purest red with watermark halo and bright gold edge above lime green throat The recurrent scapes have four way branching and 25 or more buds.


New Red Revival*

Product no.: 1014

Red Revival* (Kirchhoff 2015)  35" MLa Re Ext 5 3/4" - 6".  With 'Red Revival' comes an upgrade to outstanding primary red daylilies, presented in full, classic, symmetrical form with deeply ruffled petals edge. Its small throat is yellow to green. The recurrent scapes are sturdy with three sets of branching and 24 buds. Not an easy pod setter, the pollen is powerful.

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Passion Fruit Truffle*

Product no.: 119
(Kirchhoff 2003) 28" M Re Ex VFr Ev 6" Medium persimmon orange coral blend above yellow to lime green throat. Strongly recurrent scapes, 3 way branching 18 - 21 buds.

New Childhood Sweetheart*

Product no.: 1003

Childhood Sweetheart*  (Kirchhoff 2015)  30" ML Re Ex Sev to 7".  The pink blooms have exactly the right amount of lavender coolness. A  narrow yellow gold filigree outlines the flower and a dollop of green contrasts the yellow throat.  The large blooms are substantial with all day color, substance and diamond dazzle.  The scapes are recurrent with three or more sets of branches..   




New Scintillating Salvo*

Product no.: 1017

Scintillating Salvo* (Kirchhoff 2015)  32" E Re Ext Ev 5 3/4".  The flower is a clear rose red self with a small (pleated) yellow to green throat. The form is (sculpted) full, round and beguiling. The sturdy scapes have three-way branching and are strongly recurrent. Fertile.

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Patsy Bouvion*

Product no.: 120
(Morss 2005) 29" EM Re Ex Sev 6". Pastel coral with fuchsia eye and edge outlined coral gold above yellow to green throat. The scapes are well branched, and strongly recurrent.


Product no.: 31

(Morss 2012) Tet 27” L Re Ex Ev6” The name, ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ evokes this flower’s many superlatives. A handsome “leading man type daylily”, its color is a cedar-tan blend, displaying a large triangular, blue-lavender, web-patterned eyezone.

61 - 90 of 294 results