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New Childhood Sweetheart*

Product no.: 1003

Childhood Sweetheart*  (Kirchhoff 2015)  30" ML Re Ex Sev to 7".  The pink blooms have exactly the right amount of lavender coolness. A  narrow yellow gold filigree outlines the flower and a dollop of green contrasts the yellow throat.  The large blooms are substantial with all day color, substance and diamond dazzle.  The scapes are recurrent with three or more sets of branches..   




New Scintillating Salvo*

Product no.: 1017

Scintillating Salvo* (Kirchhoff 2015)  32" E Re Ext Ev 5 3/4".  The flower is a clear rose red self with a small (pleated) yellow to green throat. The form is (sculpted) full, round and beguiling. The sturdy scapes have three-way branching and are strongly recurrent. Fertile.

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Brandy Alexander*

Product no.: 57
(Kirchhoff 2000) Tet 30" EE Re Ex Dor 5 ½". The color is unique in hues of rich brandy, date and chocolate -- dark and intense -- with a lighter cloverleaf shaped watermark infused with yellow, above a flash of green at the throat.

Patsy Bouvion*

Product no.: 120
(Morss 2005) 29" EM Re Ex Sev 6". Pastel coral with fuchsia eye and edge outlined coral gold above yellow to green throat. The scapes are well branched, and strongly recurrent.


Product no.: 31

(Morss 2012) Tet 27” L Re Ex Ev6” The name, ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ evokes this flower’s many superlatives. A handsome “leading man type daylily”, its color is a cedar-tan blend, displaying a large triangular, blue-lavender, web-patterned eyezone.


Clark Gable*

Product no.: 62
(Kirchhoff 2004) 28” E Re Ex Sev 6”. Mother Nature outdoes herself with this one. The flower is an intensely saturated, bright persimmon orange self with splashes of pink infusion, especially on the sepals. Recurrent, well-branched scapes. 99% double.

Cimarron Rose*

Product no.: 199

(Salter 2005) Rose red with gold edge above green throat. 28" ht 7" bloom M Sev Tet


Moonstruck Truffle*

Product no.: 154

(Kirchhoff-D., 2011) Tet 30"L Re Ex EV 6” This peony form double is a pastel blend of butter yellow, cream and lime, with pink watercolor kissed highlights, throat is yellow to green. 99% Double.


New Jealousy*

Product no.: 1011

Jealousy* ( Kirchhoff 2015)  33" La Re Ext Sev 6 3/4". The blooms are large with intensely saturated "true" red color and a small yellow to green throat. One of our latest to bloom reds with three-way branching on strongly recurrent scapes.

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New Sparks Will Fly

Product no.: 1019

Sparks Will Fly* (Kirchhoff 2015)  30" MLa Re Ev 5 3/4".  An inferno of red-orange tangerine fire explodes with an intensity or saturation seldom seen in daylilies. No need to call the fire department but when 'Sparks Will Fly' lights up, it would appear as an inferno in the garden. Beveled, yellow center petals stripes (midribs) mark the petals. The sepals are a few shades lighter than the petals (bitone) with a yellow stripe from the throat to the "thumb-print" stamped on their tips. The throat is yellow to green. The blossoms are fully formed with a distinctive recurve to the petals as they a riot of color just above the foliage. The strong, and dependable, recurrent scapes have three way branching and 18 buds. Fertile both ways.

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Call Me Mary*

Product no.: 209

Chosen by connoisseur Mary Baker, this is a beautiful, bright red self above a small yellow to green throat. 5 Inch flower, 31 inches tall. Tetraploid


Circuit Breaker*

Product no.: 200

(Holmes-S 2011) Lavender purple self with darker eye. 28" ht 5.5" bloom M Dor Tet


Curtis Montgomery*

Product no.: 68

(Morss 2007) 30” M Re Ex Ev 6”. This is a coral, cedar rose and ivory brushed pastel orchid bitone, with a lavender watermark halo tinged blue. The scapes are recurrent, with five way branching and 37 + buds.


City Center*

Product no.: 201
(Santa Lucia 2006) Rose lavender with blue lavender halo. 30" ht 6" bloom M Sev Tet

New Sweet Evening Breeze*

Product no.: 1021

Sweet Evening Breeze* (Kirchhoff 2015)  28" M Re Ext Sev 5". There is a rare and exceptional purity color to this rose pink with a lighter pink watermark and yellow to green throat. The scapes have three-way branching and are strongly recurrent.  

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Shirley Ann Toney*

Product no.: 43

(Kirchhoff 2014) 26" M Re Ex Sev 5" Selected by Indiana daylily connoisseur and daylily friend, Shirley Ann Toney. Fabulous, flat open formed petaloid stiyle double in a medium orange self, darker on the sawtooth edges; small yellow to green throat. Well branched strongly recurrent scapes.


Purple Maze*

Product no.: 123
(Morss 2003) 36" E RE EX EV 5 1/2" Medium carrot orange with triple webbed eye of blue purple and blue lavender outlined red violet above yellow to green throat. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 way branching and 18-22 buds.

Cary Grant*

Product no.: 60
(Kirchhoff 2004) 30” ML Re Ex Ev. 5 3/4” Raspberry red with a bright rose red watermark. The throat is yellow to lime green. The petal edges are serrated and pleated, and rimmed in wire gold. The scapes have 3 – 4 way branching and are strongly recurrent.

New Thinly Veiled*

Product no.: 1024


2015 Introductions

Thinly Veiled* (Morss 2015)  33" EM Re Ext Sev 5 3/4". Only the faintest veil of lavender washes over the pastel almond tan base into the lavender watermark eye. Amethyst color outlines the eye. The throat is yellow to green. The petal has a triple edge with lavender, amethyst and gold dust fringe. The scapes are sturdy and strongly recurrent. Fertile and often used as a parent.

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Diana Grenfeld*

Product no.: 70

(Morss 2002) 28" ML RE EX EV - 5" to 6" The flower has a black sheen to its deep wine color with black veins and a lighter triangular watermark. The strongly recurrent scapes carry 4 to 5 way branching, and 27-30 buds.


Tijuana Taxi*

Product no.: 26

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 32” EE Re Ex Ev 6”. The color is orange with a mahogany-red eyezone and a yellow-to-green throat. The scapes have 4-way branching with over 30 buds


Double Image*

Product no.: 219
(Stamile 2002) Deep rose pink blend with pink watermark. 29" ht 6" bloom E Re Evr Dbl Tet

Red on Red*

Product no.: 124

(Kirchhoff 2005) EE Re Ex Ev 5”. Medium red with faint watermark splashed cream above yellow to green throat. The scapes have 3 - 4 way branching, and are strongly recurrent.


New Wicked*

Product no.: 1026

Wicked* (Kirchhoff 2015)  35" M Re Ext Sev 5 3/4". The full-bodied wine colors of 'Wicked' sparkle in silky notes of red, blue and crushed berry jam. A flawless grower and profuse bloomer with strong and recurrent scapes. Dark red with blue overlay above yellow to green throat.


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Edge of Madness*

Product no.: 73

(Morss 2007) 30” E Re Ex Ev 4 3/4”. The beauty of this purple flower brings some folks right to the edge of madness. The color is purple with a violet eye zone and violet edge, set off by the brilliant, small green throat. The scapes have four branching and up to 30 buds


Crystal Bay*

Product no.: 208

(Corbett 2009) Rose lavender w/ blue purple eye & edge w/ silver white picotee. 28" ht 5" bloom EM Dor Tet


Dutch Yellow Truffle*

Product no.: 72

(Kirchhoff 2003) 30" E RE EX VFR EV 6". It is a bright and beautiful, true lemon yellow, petaloid formed double with pastel medium rose-coral halo above a yellow to green throat. The strongly recurrent scapes have 4 way branching


Beautiful Carlee*

Product no.: 32

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” EM Re Ex Ev 5”. Shimmering, clear baby ribbon pink, petaloid double. The texture is smooth, with dazzling diamond-dust sparkle. The color and substance sunfast.


Pearls Gone Wild*

Product no.: 121
(Kirchhoff 2005) 28" M Re Ex Sev 7". Cream peach blush with gold edge above yellow to green throat. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 - 5 way branching with many buds.

Sanford Intermezzo*

Product no.: 129

(Morss 2005) 30” EM Re Ex Ev 6.5” Pastel pink with rose eye and edge above yellow to green throat. One of the longest rebloomers in the garden.

91 - 120 of 315 results