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Sanford Star Search*

Product no.: 131

(Morss 2007) 30" E Re Ex Ev 5 1/4". Almond shell overlaid lavender with a patterned pewter blue lavender eye outlined wine above yellow to green throat. Scapes have three way branching and 23 plus buds.


Nellie Rarick Memorial*

Product no.: 8

(Morss 2013) Tet 32” EM Re Ex Ev 5”. The color is cattleya orchid or Concord grape violet with a watermark eyezone in patterned zones of blue-lavender and violet.


Dawn Appears*

Product no.: 212

(Grace 2008) Cream blush pink with green highlights. 26" ht 7" bloom EM Re Dor Tet


All Dolled Up*

Product no.: 47

(Kirchhoff 2007) Tet 28” M Re Ex Ev 5 ½”. This is very close to primary red with wide, ruffled, yellow gold edges. The scapes are strongly recurrent with up to three way branching.


Farmville Party Time*

Product no.: 37
(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 28” ML Re Ex Ev 6.5”. Bright medium yellow; petaloid double; cloverleaf coral rose halo and wash; yellow to green throat. Sturdy, recurring scapes with up to 6 way branching can support 35 or more buds.

Delta Blues*

Product no.: 215
(Stamile 2001) Cream with gray blue eye above green throat. 34" ht 4.25" bloom EM Re Evr Tet

Ricardo Red*

Product no.: 125

(Kirchhoff 2010) 34” L Re Ex 5 ¾”. Bright red with red watermark halo above three point star pattern throat. The recurrent scapes have four-to-five way branching.


Truffle Panache*

Product no.: 27

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 24” EM Re Ex Fr Ev 6.5”. The bloom is a crisp, clear, melon-coral-peach color with darker halo and green heart It gives the impression of late afternoon skies come down to earth, reflecting bright, late-afternoon sunset colors. It is fertile and 98% Double.


Digital Imagery*

Product no.: 216

(Slanec-Woodhall 2008) Magenta rose with purple band above yellow green throat. 30" ht 5.5" bloom M Sev Tet


So Many Rivers*

Product no.: 137
(Morss 2004) 26” EM Re Ex Dor 5”. Violet with blue purple halo and white brushed edge above green throat. The scapes are strongly recurrent with 3-way branching.

Signature Truffle

Product no.: 136
(Kirchhoff 2005) 28" EM Re Ex Ev 6". Coral peach rose with gold edge above huge clover leaf yellow to lime throat. Scapes have 3 - 5 way branching with up to 45 buds.

God Save The Queen*

Product no.: 84

(Morss 2005) 30” E Re Ex Ev 7". Medium orchid with a half-inch wide purple border, and lilac splashed filigree. The eye is imperial purple, above the yellow to green throat. The strongly recurrent scapes are branched 3-4 ways, with 26 or more buds

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Fabulous Frieda*

Product no.: 74

(Kirchhoff 2007) 30" EE Re Ex Ev 5 3/4”. The clear cardinal red blooms with bright rose watermarks are spectacular, and strongly punctuated with luscious dollops of green at the throat. The scapes have 3 – 4 way branching and up to 27 buds.


Truffle Glamour*

Product no.: 204
(Kirchhoff 2014) 28" L Re Ex Sev 5". 28” L Re Ex Sev 5”. A fine new double with a unique eye. It is a peach pink self color with raspberry blue violet eye and edge above narrow yellow to green throat. Well branched, strongly recurrent scapes.

Katie Snowflake*

Product no.: 64

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” M Re Fr Ex Ev 5 ½.  Creamy pink sparkles on a near white base. A hypnotic double daylily outlined in yellow gold.

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Sanford Code Red*

Product no.: 127
(Kirchhoff 2007) 28” Re Ex Ev 6 1/2” - 7”. Monster red deepening in hue above yellow to green throat. Strongly recurrent scapes with three way branching and 18 buds.

Star Monster*

Product no.: 139
(Morss 2007) 28” M Re Ex Ev 6”. Peach with wine purple eye and variable purple wash and wine edge. The recurrent scapes display three way branching with 19+ buds.

Fern Stone*

Product no.: 75
(Kirchhoff 2007) 38” EE Re Ex Sev 5 3/4”. The color is a clear red on the orange side, with an orange watermark halo and yellow to green throat. Strongly recurrent scapes with 4 – 6 way branching and 38 + buds

Glorious Autumn*

Product no.: 83

(Kirchhoff 2005 ) 27" M Re Ex Dor 5". The orange red shades into orange and blends from gold into yellow above the flower's heart.


Doyle Pierce*

Product no.: 221

(Grace-Smith 2004) Lavender with blue watermark and blue gold double edge. 34" ht 6" bloom EM Re Sev Tet


Stranger Than Paradise*

Product no.: 140

(Morss 2005) 32” ML to L Re Ex Ev 7” Icy near white lavender pink with peach illusion watermark and gold edge above lime green throat. The recurrent scapes have 4-way branching.


Heaven's Declaring*

Product no.: 86
(Morss 2005) 32” E Re Ex Ev 5”. Medium amethyst and lilac, the watermark eye is comprised of sky and watercolors. The color of the eye repeats on the petal edge, the innermost edge being deeper shades of amethyst, ringed blue violet, and encircled in gold. Five way branching 45 or more buds

Dragon Empress*

Product no.: 222

(Polston 2006) Orange ruffled self above green throat. 26" ht 6.5" bloom EM Sev Tet


Grapefruit Truffle*

Product no.: 85
(Kirchhoff 2002) 27" L Re Ex Fr Ev 6". This is a lovely, Naples yellow double with faint rose tints and a yellow to green throat. The recurrent scapes exhibit three way branching and 15 - 18 buds.

Dragon Sun*

Product no.: 223

(Bushong 2009) Solid gold yellow with teeth and tenticles. 38" ht 6.5 bloom M Dor Fra Tet


Layers of Love*

Product no.: 278
(Kropf-Calderon 2008) Red self with lighter edges. 26" ht 5.5" bloom MLa Re Dor Fra Dbl Tet

Hill Street Blues*

Product no.: 88
(Morss 2005) 42” E Re Ex Ev 7”. Royal shades of intense, mulberry amethyst violet, with a grey lavender watermark above a wide yellow-to-green throat. The petals are outlined blue purple, tipped white-gold and pewter.

Fortune Berry*

Product no.: 78

(Kirchhoff 2004) 30” EM Re Ex Sev 5 3/4”. This is a deeply colored, smooth, bing cherry to port wine red flower of remarkable sun fast beauty. . The scapes are recurrent, with 3 – 5 way branching.


Seattle Dreaming*

Product no.: 134
(Kirchhoff 2000) 32" EE Re Ex Ev 5 1/2"". Cardinal red with lighter watermark halo above green throat. Well branched.

Solo Girl*

Product no.: 9

(Morss 2013) Tet 30” EM Re Ex Ev 4 ¾”. It is a monochromatic lavender-ivory bitone with a watermark eye. The watermark pattern is a pewter-lavender color with orchid veining The colors of this stunning beauty, although subtle, are enticing, illusive and enchanting.

121 - 150 of 315 results