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Product no.: 98

(Morss 2010 ) 30” E Re Ex Fr Ev 5 3 /4” Deep wisteria amethyst with blue lavender eye outlined violet and fine narrow white bordered edge.


Fabulous Black Pearl*

Product no.: 229
(Salter 2008) Lavender with black purple cream eye and edge. 25" ht 5" bloom M Re Sev Tet

Truffle Sunrise*

Product no.: 145
(Kirchhoff 2001) 29'' E RE EX EV 6''. Lemon yellow with carrot rose red halo above yellow to green throat. The scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent

Gorgeous Old Lady*

Product no.: 7

(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 5 ¼”. Its self color is grayed lavender and apricot buff with stains of lavender violet within an hypnotic eyezone. Its substance and color hold up nicely.



Product no.: 146
(Kirchhoff 2005) 27” E Re Ex Ev 5 1/2”. Bright pastel cream pink with gold edge above green throat. Four way branching with 27 buds.

Janis Joplin*

Product no.: 93
(Kirchhoff 2005) 30" M Re Fr Ex Ev 5 1/2". Intense coral orange with darker halo and gold edge. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 way branching.

Sister Valerie*

Product no.: 25

(Kirchhoff 2012) Tet 36” EM Re Ex Sev 6”. One of David’s finest reds - wish fulfillment after 35 years of breeding award winning, red daylilies. The scapes are magnificent with 4-6 branches (in KY!) and 33 or more buds.



Product no.: 153

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 28” M Re Ex Ev 5 1 /2”. Shades of cedar, orange and mahogany red form the stippled overlay above medium-orange, yellow webbing, semi-sculpted halo formed by closely spaced dots, above a yellow to green throat.


Kisses For Cinderella*

Product no.: 96

(Morss 2007) 38” E Re Ex Ev 6”. Pastel apricot with patterned triple band red violet to lavender dark blue lavender eye above chartreuse to willow green throat.. 4 – 5 way branching and 30+ buds.


Sweet Yellow Truffle*

Product no.: 1313

Sweet Yellow Truffle* (Kirchhoff, 2009) 33" Midseason Reblooms Extended, Evergreen, Very Fragrant. 6" blooms. A spectacular, clear mimosa yellow petaloid double with Lime green throat. Tetraploid. Fertile, 98% double. 

Individual Price $75.00

Sweet Malinda*

Product no.: 142

(Kirchhoff 2008) 33” E Re Ex Ev 4 ¾”. Medium orange with red eye above orange to green heart throat. The scapes are strongly recurrent with 3 – 4 way branching and 20 – 24 buds.


John Kirkland*

Product no.: 94
(Kirchhoff 1999) 28"" EM Re Ex VFr Ev 5 1/2"". Flesh pink self with peach rose halo above yellow to green throat


Product no.: 97

(Morss 2003) 34" E Re Ex Sev 6" Pink yellow with wide purple eye and edge above yellow to green throat.


Hoochie Coochie Man*

Product no.: 89

(Kirchhoff 2002) 30" E RE EX EV - 5 1/2". This clear, guardsman red self with a faint watermark halo and yellow to green throat is near perfection. The scapes have four-way branching and 25 - 27 buds.


Mister Johnny*

Product no.: 391
Kirchhoff (2014) M Re Ex VFr Ev 5 1/2". This beautiful new double sizzles in strong coral rose colors with lighter midribs above the apricot to yellow green throat. Commanding attention wherever planted, the scapes have good branching and repeat to provide hundreds of blooms throughout most of the season.

Fire Bird Suite*

Product no.: 236
(Trimmer 2004) Intense orange with hot red eye. 40" ht 8" bloom EM Re Evr Ufo Tet


Product no.: 3331

EGADS*  EGADS! This 5" TET double daylily cultivar glows with dark gold blooms marked with garnet eyezones. Repcurrent. 


Libby Gallion*

Product no.: 281
(Hensley-D 2010) Fiery orange with red veins and lighter edge above yellow to green throat. 32" ht 6" bloom La Re Dor Fra Dbl Tet

Flaming Flamingo*

Product no.: 237

(Laprise 2007) Brilliant orange with glossy raised red eye. 42" ht 7" bloom M Sev Ufo Tet


Blue Mirage*

Product no.: 33

(Morss 2010) Tet 28” ML Re Ex Ev 4 3/4” Zones 7 - 11 Violet with blue violet watermarked halo above yellow to green throat.


James Dean*

Product no.: 92

(Kirchhoff 2005) 30” M Re Ex Ev 6” Saffron yellow with chocolate eye and edge outlined gold above yellow to green throat. The throat is yellow to green. The recurrent scapes are well-branched with many buds


Forestlake Ragamuffin*

Product no.: 239
(Harding 1993) Pink self with gold ruffle and green throat. 28" ht 5.5 bloom EM Dor Tet

Angel's Share*

Product no.: 322

(Morss 2010) Tet 30" EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/2". Lavender pink with wide watermark halo and yellow to green throat. Spectacular, huge blooms on well branched, recurrent scapes. Very fertile.


Little Baby Cakes

Product no.: 284
(Vaughn-K 2005) Peach blend above yellow green throat. 15" ht 3.25" bloom EM Re Dor Dbl Dip

Joan Jackson*

Product no.: 65

(Kirchhoff 2010) Tet 29” EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/ 2”Eggplant to violet purple with variable white edge above yellow to green throat. 4 way branching Double 99%


Forever Redeemed*

Product no.: 240
(Carpenter 2003) Red with lighter salmon red watermark above green throat. 25" ht 5.5" bloom EM Re Dor Tet

Blue Tooth*

Product no.: 34
(Morss 2010) Tet 30” EM Re Ex Ev 5.5”. Color is a pastel bluish orchid with shaded violet and silver watermark and green throat. Flowers are outlined in violet and silver and show teeth. Amazing branching, bud count and fertility!

Virginia Little Henson*

Product no.: 149
(Kirchhoff 2000) 26'' E RE EX EV 5''. Strong coral rose pink with darker halo and gold edge above yellow to green throat.

Frog Spring*

Product no.: 79

(Morss 2007) 28” M Re Ex Ev 5 1/2”. The color is butter-cream, with a wide, rose chevron flash contrasted on petals and sepals. The dramatic rose edges match the eyezone. Strongly recurrent scapes


Quiver and Quake*

Product no.: 394

Kirchhoff (2014) 32" E Re Ex Fr Ev. Mulberry and garnet blend with lighter watermark and yellow green throat. Segments outlined in cream. Strongly recurrent scapes with 5-way branching and 18 plus buds.

151 - 180 of 295 results