Folkert Schellekens*

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(Morss 2010) Tet 30” EM Re Ex Ev 6 1/ 2”. It is a silky, diamond-dusted, peachy-pink flower with a big, bluish amethyst halo and a wide, matching, inside edge. A wide, creped & pleated outer yellow edge encircles the wide, bluish inner amethyst edge. The first blooms are up to 7” wide and the seedlings often are giants. Named for our friend Folkert, originally from the Netherlands, who moved to Belgium where he pursues daylilies with Jon Benoot. Jon says, “Daylilies brought us to the US for having some visits to several hybridizers. It was at Daylily World that we saw an amazing blue-eyed seedling that matched perfectly with Folkert's blue eyes. This circular bloom has a nice ruffled double edge matching the eye on a pink base colour formed from overlapping petals. Folkert is honored to have this plant named for him.” A beautiful plant from H. ‘Scott Bennett’ breeding. Fertile, and an important parent.

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