Hill Street Blues*

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(Morss 2005) 42” E Re Ex Ev 7”. Hill Street’s height, color and strong, well-branched scapes add extraordinary drama to the garden. The blooms are exceptionally clear, royal shades of intense, translucent mulberry amethyst violet, and exhibit an ethereal grey lavender watermark tattoo pattern with a wide yellow-to-green throat. The petal edges are serrated, pleated and toothy (temperature dependant). The petals are outlined blue purple, tipped white-gold and pewter. The white-gold color shows up on the sepals as well. Diamond dusting adds sparkle. The form is full, widespread, and rolls back when temperatures rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Pods and pollen are fertile beyond compare. Four sets of scapes in Central FL. Awards: HM 2009

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