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Flower Drum Song* (Morss 2015Height: 29” Season Rebloom: Yes. Bloom Habit:  Extended. Foliage: Evergreen. Double: Yes, 98%. Flower Size:  5

Of nature's infinite, and unfathomable miracles, some are fleeting, and some evolve, grow and are here to stay. Linebreeding daylilies has possibly as many adherents as it has skeptics but, fortunately, Mort Morss has long practiced both techniques.  Generations of close breeding - from 'Paper Butterfly', 'Witch Stitchery', 'Rune Mark', 'Julie Newmar', 'Marilyn Morss Johnson', 'Ripples and Reflections' and beyond - have been both a good idea and worth Mort's years of disciplined dedication and labor of love.  The newest of these,  'Flower Drum Song', is an exquisite peach pastel, and its eye zone is grape purple, with a gorgeous patterning above the yellow to green throat. A dark purple web outlines the flower's pattern in bands of color gradations. Steely gray to lavender shades, radiate out into the flower's eyezone. Additionally, frequently, dove wings, chevrons, and ghostly arrow patterns appear in shades of white, gray, and pewter metallic. An ornate double picotee boldly outlines the petals in grape purple, silver and gold sparkle. The scapes have 2 - 3-way branching and are recurrent. Fertile but not an easy parent. 


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