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TRUFFLE FLUFF* (Kirchhoff, 2018) Height: 33". Bloom Size: 6"-7" bloom Blooms Season:  Mid-Season, Rebloom:  Yes.  Bloom Habit:  Extended. Foliage: Semi-Evergreen. Tetraploid, Fragrance: Very Fragrant, Buds: 14+. Branches: 3.

The blooms are a real break in fertile, pod parent doubles. Its color is a near white, pastel cream, yellow, and pastel peach blend above its small yellow to green throat. The form is full, and wide, with ruffled, gold edges. The texture is smooth and diamond dusted. Very fertile both ways. Double 97%. (((sdlg × Moonstruck Truffle) × (Tay Tay La Breene × sdlg)) × sdlg) Awards: JC 2016

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