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Judi Romano* (Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 25” E Re Ex VFr Ev 6.75”-7” The base color is sunshine yellow with a medium carrot-rose colored eyezone. The eyezone color repeats on the petals’ edges within the tight gold, saw tooth outline. The throat is yellow-to-green. The perfect form (huge, full, widespread and overlapped EMO) consistently displays petaloid segments with edges to match the eye. The texture glistens; substance and color hold all day. Chosen and selected by Judi Romano, the delightful daylily connoisseur from Indianapolis, IN. Recurrent scapes 4-way branching, 30 or more buds. It is very fertile both ways and is a great parent. 99.95% Double. Absolutely fabulous! (Dutch Yellow Truffle x Circus Truffle) X Seedling. Awards: HM 2019, GD 2016

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