Sakura Truffle*

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Sakura Truffle*  (Kirchhoff 2015)  26" M Re Ext Sev 5 1/2".  In Japan, we understand that Sakura means cherry blossom. There, the cherry blossoms are highly symbolic and a beautiful metaphor for the fleeting nature of life. The name describes this flower (metaphorically) and as with every daylily, its beauty is fleeting; the life of a truffle is short, sweet, and often unforgettable. The flowers evoke shades of cherry-blossom pink and rose pink. Red veins add distinction, radiating outwards to the edges of the petals above the yellow to green throat.  Generous white gold sparkles on the edges. The strong scapes have three way branching and average 15 - 20 buds. Hard to set pods, pollen is generously fertile.  A superb, 93% petaloid double.

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