Sparks Will Fly

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Sparks Will Fly* (Kirchhoff 2015)  30" MLa Re Ev 5 3/4".  An inferno of red-orange tangerine fire explodes with an intensity or saturation seldom seen in daylilies. No need to call the fire department but when 'Sparks Will Fly' lights up, it would appear as an inferno in the garden. Beveled, yellow center petals stripes (midribs) mark the petals. The sepals are a few shades lighter than the petals (bitone) with a yellow stripe from the throat to the "thumb-print" stamped on their tips. The throat is yellow to green. The blossoms are fully formed with a distinctive recurve to the petals as they a riot of color just above the foliage. The strong, and dependable, recurrent scapes have three way branching and 18 buds. Fertile both ways.

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