Sweet Evening Breeze*

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Sweet Evening Breeze* (Kirchhoff 2015)  28" M Re Ext Sev 5". A well-respected horticulturist, while visiting Daylily World in 2014, was seduced by this daylily like none other. He took note of its luscious color, the kiss of its pink watermark and yellow to green throat.  He praised the delicate sparkling pink filigree and suggested we name it 'Sweet Evening Breeze". Pink stands for unconditional love and nurturing.  Poets, troubadours and artists the likes of Jim Reeves, James Herndon, and John Cougar Mellencamp have paid homage to the sweet evening breeze that blows true.  What joy for the garden! The scapes have three-way branching and are strongly recurrent. Stock is limited. 

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