Lemon Madeline*

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Lemon Madeline* (Morss.2001) 44'' M NOC RE EX SEV 8''. Reaching nearly 4 feet in height, with large, smoothly tailored, soft yellow blooms - the petals are 6'' long, creating a 3:0/1 ratio - this is the best of many wonderful seedlings from its cross. The blooms are diamond dusted and hold up well to the elements. Towering above the other daylilies, it attracts a great deal of attention throughout the bloom season. The recurrent scapes are tall, stately, and elegant. They have many as 7 branches with up to 50 buds - and have never required staking. Pod and pollen fertile (we pollinated them in the middle of the night). Supply limited. (TETRINA X BETTY WARREN WOODS). Awards: HM 2007

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