Vino Di Travis*

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Vino di Travis* (Morss 2010) Tet 29” M Re Ex Ev 6”. This is an exceptional, intense wine purple with violet eyezone and veining. The form is flat and round, with wide, overlapped segments that roll back a bit in warmer weather. The color is quite sunfast for being so saturated. The scapes have three - four way branching and thirty or more buds. This stellar performer shows great promise and produces lush plants. It is a great breeder and is fertile both ways. One of our garden mentors and great friends is the renowned textile designer and artist, Luther Travis, a Renaissance man, and daylily connoisseur. His New Jersey farm and garden are a plant lover’s delight. This imperial purple daylily is a toast to Luther and gardeners everywhere. (Unvanquished X Tet Lavender Blue Baby) Awards: HM 2016

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