Tay Tay La Breene

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Tay Tay La Breene* (Kirchhoff, D. 2011) 28" EM Re Ex Ev to Sev Tet 5 3/4"

Tay Tay La Breene is to the garden as is the most dazzling chandelier in the castle. These luminously sculptured, petaloid formed, double flowers are everything covetable, chic and edgy. An effortless, uninhibited performer, 'Tay Tay La Breene' is a key breeder and a garden beacon. The sunfast color is a luscious, near white, yellow-cream, with ornately xhaped edges (often toothy) in bright yellow gold. It beguiles, as does its namesake, Kentucky equestrian, landscape architect, Renaissance woman, beloved mother, grandmother and friend - Taylor Breene.  Its scapes are beautiful and they continue to emerge through a very long bloom season. The pollen is fertile and the pods are somewhat reluctant. One hundred percent double (or as close as any ever are). Our initial offering of this plant sold out completely and is now being offered for the first time since 2011.  ((Big Peach Mama x Trufflicious) x ( sdlg  x Trufflicious)) 

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