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Lunacy* (Morss 2003) 32" E RE EV 6 ½" Registered as an unusual form, or UFO, LUNACY is a buttercup yellow color with a quadruple shaded eyezone and yellow to green throat. The pattern of the eye is in three distinctive color zones, washing from blue lavender in the throat, to blue orchid, then lavender and pewter outlined in red violet. The eye is segmented with purple veining. The quilled, crispate form consists of oval, 2 ½" wide petals - slightly rolled back, framed in the back with widespread, triangular placed, quilled sepals. Texture is smooth and diamond dusted. Scapes are well branched and heavily budded. Limited stock. (Seedling x Island Trader) X (Gerda Brooker x Tet Exotic Echo)

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