Aspiring Angel*

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Aspiring Angel* (Morss 2015) Tet 35" ML Re Ex Sev 5.75".   Although officially classified as a bi-tone, it is more of a six-tone, should one count all the colors. Counting outward from the flower's (1) green heart (2) yellow throat (3) three shades of lavender watermark halo (4) amethyst petal shades (5) lavender-pink shades near the outside of the petals (6) gold sparkle on the petals' edge we see six shades of color. A beautiful lavender-amethyst glaze blushes on the nearly-white alabaster sepals and petal midribs. The webbing within the eyezone is an amethyst color filled in with blue lavender loveliness. Line bred from the extraordinary 'Curtis Montgomery', it possesses all the distinction and zing of its amazing Grand-Papa.The color and unique "silvery, shiny and sparkling" appearance provide a much-needed coolness to the summer landscape. The scapes have 3 - 4 way branching and are strongly recurrent. Sets pods. Stock is very limited.

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