Marilyn Morss Johnson*

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Marilyn Morss Johnson* (Morss 2007) 30” EM Re Sev 7". What makes this daylily so special is the form, color and pattern. All combine to create the perfect focal point. The color is medium orchid with a fascinating, layered blue-lavender, and violet-purple, patterned eye. The throat is yellow-to-green. The petals are edged in pewter to white. The form is graceful and exotic, with elegantly shaped, long, narrow petals. Texture is silky and diamond dusted. So unique and extraordinary that we named it for Mort’s twin sister who gardened in California and loved daylilies and daylily people. The scapes are strongly recurrent with 25 buds and 3-way branching. Fertile and an exceptional parent for narrow and full formed flowers, patterns and eyes. Compare at $350.00. {[(Counted Shadows × Julie Newmar) × (Julie Newmar × Blues Avenue)] × [(Sdlg × Julie Newmar) × Sdlg]} Awards: HM 2015

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