Voluminous Lashes*

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Voluminous Lashes*(Morss 2015) Height:  36” Season: Mid-Late  Rebloom:  Yes.  Flower Size:  5.5”.  Bloom Habit:  Extended:  Foliage: Semi-EvergreenPloidy: TetraploidBuds: 21 Branching: 3 Way.

Ridges formed by a sculpted throat sweeping out from the green heart of this flower seem like yellow eyelashes superimposed upon seductive eyelids, blinking to reveal lavender eyeshadow. The flower's color is pastel apricot with a pastel orchid-lilac eyezone. The embossing of the throat extends onto the eyezone. The tightly ruffled petals are a edged in a smoky lilac color with gold flecks. It blooms on three sets of strong scapes with three-way branching.

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