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SHOUT HALLELUJAH!* (Kirchhoff, 2020) Height:  28” Season: Mid-Late Season. Rebloom:  Yes.  Buds: 18. Flower Size:  6”. Bloom Habit:  Extended:  Foliage: Evergreen DOUBLE:  Yes, 99%

 If you like rose-pink daylilies, Shout Hallelujah!, this is the one for you. A charisma of rose pink coloration covers as much as 60% of the flower, including the cristate formed petaloid segments. The prominent cream-pink watermark halo adds drama to about 25%, while the yellow-to-green throat covers another 15 percent. The outer petals are widespread, rolled back just enough to reveal the similarly colored petaloid tissue. The color and substance hold up all day. And the sturdy scapes are strongly recurrent. ​

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