Signature Truffle

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Signature Truffle (Kirchhoff 2005) 28" EM Re Ex Ev 6". This could be considered a missionary daylily. Its exemplary, near-perfect blooms will convert multitudes of folks who only admire single ones! Daylily connoisseurs, regardless of their favorite chosen forms, are struck by its beauty and perfection. A yellow cloverleaf pattern over the lime throat takes up the inside half of the flower. The outer half of the flower is a strong combination of coral peach pink and rose. All segments are heavily ruffled and outlined in bright gold. A consummate grower - perfect foliage, and as disease free as daylilies can be! The form is EMO, peony style with wide pleated edges. Texture is smooth and sparkling. Substance and color hold well. Scapes have 3 - 5 way branching with up to 45 buds. Very fertile, and a great pod and pollen parent. 99.99% double. We've not seen it bloom single! Awards: HM 2009

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