Tintoretto* (Morss 2008) 24" MLa Re EV 5" ‘Tintoretto’ is from the hybridizer of the first and most recent RW Munson Award winners for the most outstanding distinctly patterned daylily. This exquisitely colored masterpiece was discovered on the same day we first encountered the Venetian high renaissance artist, Tintoretto’s painting of St George and the Dragon (hence the name), and it is a work of art.. The eye zone is stained with shades of blue lavender outlined in red violet. The texture is smooth and diamond dusted. Form is full and overlapped, and can be quite flat when temperatures are hot. Petal edges have some ruffles and ornamentation. Plants are low growing, and seemingly impervious to rust, with strongly recurrent scapes branched three ways and held well above the foliage. Pollen fertile only, gives amazing kids

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