Truffle Sunrise*

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Truffle Sunrise* (Kirchhoff 2001) 29'' E RE EX EV 6''. TRUFFLE SUNRISE is among the finest double yellow daylilies we have ever seen. It's also one of the largest, and has a lovely salmon halo. Through each of its bloom cycles, it surpasses all before it in a perfect combining of color, form and performance. The bright lemon yellow color is enhanced by the well-defined halo of carrot apricot above the yellow to green throat. The outer petals are wide, overlapped and ruffled, fully framing the sculptured inner petaloids. The texture is diamond dusted and lightly corded. The scapes are well branched and strongly recurrent. Moderately fertile, and a superb parent. 99.9 % double. [(MOST HAPPY FELLOW X MARILYN SIWIK) X SHADES OF HAVANA] X LAYERS OF GOLD X [CELESTIAL PEACH X (EDESSA X TET ELYSIAN FIELD)].

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