Jeanne Rowles*

Jeanne Rowles*

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(Kirchhoff 2011) Tet 30” M Re Ex Ev 6.5” - 7”. Seldom in a lifetime is a new cultivar as thrilling as this glittery petaloid double. Its flowers are very large and the self-color is a beautiful shade of pink. Its cloverleaf shaped eye sparkles in lovely shades of pastel yellow. The petal edges are lavish in yellow and gold gilt. Both the color and substance are sunfast and the texture is diamond dusted. The scapes are recurrent, displaying the blooms to perfection. Its namesake is our friend, the teacher, homemaker, and gardener, Pittsburgh Iris and Daylily Society stalwart, Jeanne Rowles. Jeanne, husband Larry and daughter Brieana's Pittsburgh garden is an urban jewel. Fabulous parent. Ninety-eight percent double.

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