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(Morss 2001) 28" E Re Ex Ev 5". The blooms are a gorgeous ruby purple self, and most nearly match chip number 187A, on the RHS color chart. The color is somewhere between eggplant, deepest red, and black! The flowers seem to be illuminated from within. The throat is small, cloverleaf patterned, and chartreuse. This gorgeous bloom is a total self, with lovely tiny pleats - full, overlapped petals, and sepals slightly recurved. The texture is smooth, and there is a black pile to the finish. The crisp substance and deep color hold remarkably well in the hottest sun. (We're looking for its equal)! The scapes are strongly recurrent with 3 way branching and 14 - 18 buds. Pollen is easy to use. Pods are reluctant to form. Black Ambrosia x Bella Lugosi

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