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(Kirchhoff 2002) Tet 30" EE RE Ex SEV - 5 1/2". Blooms of this extraordinary daylily are unique shades of shimmering garnet to cardinal red with a blue red pile; ruby red veins course over the surface. The color intensifies above a clear apricot red, watermark halo and yellow to citron green throat. The form is full with 3 ΒΌ" wide, tightly ruffled petals edged in ruby red. The strongly recurrent scapes have 3 - 5 way branching and 24 - 26 buds. Consistently a fine performer in Central Florida and Cleveland Ohio. Surviving with minimal care in Vail, Colorado (winter of '01-'02,) insures its absolute hardiness. Very fertile and an excellent parent. Limited. (LEONARD BERNSTEIN X CRIMSON WIND) X (TORRID TANGO X FOREVER RED). Awards: HM 2007

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