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(Kirchhoff 2013) Tet 28” M Re Fr Ex Ev 5 ½. When we learned Kyle Billadeau and Kathleen Nordstrom would be visiting our garden in 2012, we jumped for joy. It was a hot, dry mid-July day when Kathleen selected this very special petaloid double with the ornate form and blessed it with her childhood nickname. The color ranges from creamy pink sparkle to near white, It is a creped, luminous, hypnotic, quasi-snowflake beauty; the perfect flower for a hot summer’s day; luminous, pearlescent, near white double enchantment. It dazzles the eye with ornate tendril and filigree edges outlined in yellow gold. Difficult pod parent, fertile pollen. The recurrent scapes have three-way branching and 18 or more buds. (Tay Tay La Breene X Barbara Watts) 99% Double

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