Isis Unveiled*

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(Morss 2002) 28" EM Re Ex 6". "People have dreamed of daylilies in colors other than orange ever since the legendary Lady Wu first observed the transfiguration of hemerocallis sp kwanso from a clone of hemerocallis flore pleno." The most illusive daylily dream of all is that of a blue daylily. Within the eyezone of ISIS UNVEILED there is as much or more clear blue as we've ever observed in a large flowered daylily. Several of its seedlings show more blue in the eyezone than any daylily we've ever seen. One 7" seedling from ISIS UNVEILED has a navy blue eyezone. The attractive blooms are traditionally formed in pink mauve, with an eyezone of lilac blue. The eye is outlined in violet purple, and intersected with violet purple veins. The overlapped petals are bordered in violet purple with gold flecks. The large throat is pastel yellow-to-green. Texture is smooth. Color and substance hold well. Plants are husky, large, and vigorous. The strongly recurrent scapes have three way branching.

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