Jacki Kropf*

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(Morss 2005) 28" EM Re Ex Ev 5 3/4" - 6". We're honored to name this beautiful flower for daylily connoisseur Jacki Kropf, of Ada Michigan. JACKI KROPF is a beautiful, clear yellow flower with a deep plum eyezone and yellow to green throat. The incredibly wide plum purple edge, outlined in yellow gold is elaborately ornamented in filigree and lace. A very determined EMO. Occasionally we've noticed petal particles, shapes of embroidery thread - like cat's whiskers, and lace fragments dangling at the edges of the petals - such is the explosion as the flower unfolds. Its parentage is complex and involves Linda Daniel, Uppermost Edge, Counted Shadows, Venetian Baroque, and various unnamed seedlings. Awards: HM 2008

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